Ashley Lyn Carter - September 28, 1984 to December 17, 2006

by Linda

Last Picture taken of Ashley and the Boys in September 2006

Last Picture taken of Ashley and the Boys in September 2006

My beautiful daughter Ashley was killed in a car accident along with my two grandsons. She was in an abusive relationship and I feared for her saftey. I never imagined that they would all be taken from me like this. It's like every trace of her life on this earth has been erased.

Ashley was a difficult child. She fought me almost every day of her life. She always thought that I didn't love her as much as her brothers, but truthfully I loved her more. I grew up with three brothers and desperately wanted a daughter.

I remember one day she said that I was never there for her. She didn't realize that I wanted to stay home, but I had to work to support them. Her dad was no help, but she idolized him. She didn't see that I worked hard to feed, clothe and put a roof over her head. She didn't see that I only slept a few hours a night so I could go to her school events, help her with homework, run her to friend's houses, go to work and keep the house in running order.

She was a stong willed child, but after the premature birth of her second son she changed. I think she realized that I did love and care for her. I was there when Hunter was born. She called me at work and I rushed to her side. I watched him struggle to breathe before they intubated him.

I just don't understand why she was taken, just when we were getting along. I think it finally hit her what it means to be a mom and she saw that I did what I had to do so she could have a better life.

Ashley, you are my angel. My beautiful daughter that I love more than life itself. I hope you and your beautiful sons will watch over us and keep us safe. I WILL see you again and then our relationship will be perfect. I love you and miss you!

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Jun 20, 2015
love from a friend
by: Anonymous

I was google and found this story of ashley and boys i was one ashley best freinds love miss her so much are kids were suppose grow up to gether ash told me everything even no she been gone almost 10 yrs feel like yesterday but to say she was in abusive relationship in nothing but from the farest of false her bf is a good friend of mine he still is dealing with loss of his fiance and kids he burry both children to ask how he doing Would of been nice but just to set record straight he didnt abuse ashley or kids like you said u werent close that why ashley moved away from u when she was pregant with bubba and came down visti you you did nothing but fight when she was having stomach pains u wouldnt even take her to er and it was him u drove 2 hrs away to get her make sure she was ok in middle night brought her bk home and her second child hunter i was there to and it was his family that told her to call you a i just want set things straight but is a blessing you got that last time before ashley passed away and her dad who would come down here see her i love u ashley bubba hunter forever you will always be apart of me till were together in enternal life amen

Sep 30, 2011
by: Linda Shade

I am on facebook. Please look me up. I thought of you this week and its so strange you would find me. I remember the fun times too. Would love to share memories.

Sep 28, 2011
dear linda
by: Kreadence

I'm not sure if you remember me. . Its been quite awhile. I really wanted to contact you when I heard what had happened but, I was at a loss for words. . I couldn't imagine that my childhood friend was gone. I replayed in my head all the happy memories we shared as kids; (birthdays, slumber parties, girl scouts, even after I moved to Toledo, she came to visit me- )& couldn't bring myself to let this be true. I think of her & her boys often & I'm soo sorry for what has happened. I can only imagine all the heart ache that you have. . I hope you take comfort in knowing your not alone. . Tears come to my eyes everytime I think of her. Just know that if she didn't know how you felt about her before she does now & I'm sure she is looking down at you with a smile. . Take care Linda, you are in my thoughts & prayers. I haven't forgot you on this day or anyday *Happy Birthday Ash!!* Miss ya!!

Jun 11, 2010
So Much Loss
by: Brenda

I am so sorry for the terrible loss of your daughter and grandsons. I lost my son Cody May 21, 2010. He was 27. The pain is so great. I cannot even consider what it would be like to lose 3 loved ones at the same time. Right now I am numb. I hope that with the passage of time you are in a better state than I. May Ashley and her children rest in peace.

Jan 27, 2010
by: dave

I am so sorry for your loss - I lost my son Dec 16th, 2009, a sudden death - I can not imagine the hurt will ever ease - I pray for you all

Jan 09, 2010
by: Linda

What you wrote mom, touched me and brought not only tears but a flood of memories.

I remember I was on the phone and it had just stopped raining. Ashley snuck off and when I looked out the door, there was Ashley, naked, splashing in the puddle by the porch with the ducks. She was about 19 months old then.

Then there was the time when she was about a year old. She had gotten ahold of a pen and some paper and she was writing. When I asked her what she was doing with those things she closed her eyes. She thought that I couldn't see her if she closed her eyes.

Hunter was doing that too and I told her she would have her hands full with him, cause he was the spitting image of her.

I only wish we could have watched them grow up. Losing them has made me much more aware of my granddaughter's milestones.

New Years eve I heard a song called "Stairway to Heaven". In the beginning there is a flute introduction. So beautiful! Ashley played that for me when she was in high school. More Beautiful! I sat there and cried that night.
Ashley could sing also. She sang "The Rose" to me one night. She knew I loved that song. That song reminds me of her so much.

Jan 08, 2010
by: Marilyn

I am Ashley's grandmother and Linda's mother. We are feeling like it was only yesterday, except for the initial shock.

So many little things remind us of her. Even taking a bath. When she was little and taking a bath when I had called the house, she called out to her mother and said that there was a fly in the tub. When Linda asked her what it was doing, she replied, "taking a bath". Special memories!

Linda gave me a video of Martina McBride singing Concrete Angel. It was a favorite of Ashley's. It seems so close to Ashley's experience with her father. Yet she felt close to him, for whatever reason.

We could never figure out why she thought that Linda didn't love her. Like Linda said, she didn't realize just what she did to keep things going for her and the boys.

I pray for healing for all of us and that keeps me going. Linda, love ya always, Mom

Jan 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

Dear Linda,
I just wanted to offer my sympathy to you on the loss of your daughter and two grandsons.
Although it's been awhile, I know it feels like it just happened.

You wondered why this happened when you and Ashley were starting to be friends and have a good mother-daughter relationship. I feel that
this was a blessing from God, that you were allowed to part in a loving manner. It would have been more painful, if that's possible, had you two not been on good terms.

So, dear, try to embrace the good in this, that you have no regrets or "if only" feelings. She knew you loved her.

Keep her and your grandsons in your heart forever. My prayers and God's love be with you.

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