by Robin

monday 1-11-10 a police officer came 2 my job and told me my 26yr. old daughter was found dead accidental drug overdose. i had her when i was 16 . she was addicted 2 prescription drugs. she left 2 little girls. i get them most weekends. im not the same as i was before that day. part of me died . i miss her so much. a lady came 2 my house after ashley died her son had died 14 months earlier and she was so sad and depressed .i thought u should be lotts better by then. now i have that time behind me and trying 2 live life with grief it is so hard. think about her all the time. sometimes i would not like 2 think about her. God talking 2 friends and family writing in a jornal and reading about grief my husband and my daughter alex grandchildren and getting lost in t.v. has been what has helped get me this far. im so sorry for anyone going through grief. God bless.

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May 10, 2011
So Sad - So Sorry
by: Dakota Blues

My daughter took her life 3 years ago. It was shocking and unexpected. It's a painful journey that we somehow learn to adapt too...not totally recover from. Grief work is hard work. Really hard work. It sucks to bury children.

I felt the 2nd year was harder than the first. I think my denial started to open the doors to reality setting in. There is a lot of good information on this site to read.

I just started journaling and I think there is something to be said for letting your words...hit the air. Keep writing it out until you start to lay some of it down.

The 7 stages of Grief shown here - I am at Stage 4: Depression, Reflection and Loneliness. Stage 5: The Upward Turn!!!

Does it get easier? Hmmm? I think we get stronger and learn to cope. My ultimate goal is to be empowered by her loss. If I can survive her death...I can survive anything!!!

I'm feeling stuck with my life. Maybe,I am at a cross roads? I recently read that to honor my daughter...I need to live! And, SHE can live through me and my life. Now - if I could only program that thought into my brain and my heart. My beloved daughter can live through me. What would that look like?

I am so very sorry for your broken heart. Keep posting here. I think it helps heals. Hugs~

May 06, 2011
by: kay

Sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. When a mother loses her child no matter what age...I believe a part of her dies with her child. We still go on taking one day at a time some days bearly able to function because we are almost consumes with ache that is forever with us although we mask it mostly.I lost my son last year he was 23.I still cry a lot and not a day goes by when I dont think of him.Our kids live on in our hearts for eternity.I hear your pain and I too try to keep busy with my grandchildren.I send you my love and hope that in time we may heal....just a little . please know I am thinking of

May 05, 2011
Always Grieving......
by: TrishJ

Part of your heart and soul will be grieving forever. It's so hard to think about never hearing their voice again or being able to touch them. They live on in our hearts but the fact that we can't have them in a physical way is pure torture some days.
I miss my husband's physical presence, and my brother's, and my dad's, my favorite aunt and uncle, my grandparents. They will be with me always. What I wouldn't give to be able to spend just one more day with all of them.
What keeps me going is the knowledge that I will see them all again some day. Until then we just do the best we can. One breath, one day at a time.

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