Ashton, a very wanted child

by Lori Valentin
(Prattville Al)

Three days before Thanksgiving in 2007, I lost my only son in a car wreck. He had just turned 21. It started like any other day, except the night before he had gotten his first tattoo, so he got up early for work so he could go show it off to his friends. When he left that day he was so happy, he came to me and asked if I would roll his shirt sleeve up, he had the biggest smile on his face.

He went to finish getting ready to leave, when he was done he hollered out "Mom I`m leaving now". I said be careful son (he was a speed driver), I talked to him over and over again about it and he always said I can handle it.

Well, he was running late for work after showing off his new tattoo and was doing 71 mph, ran off the road, over corrected went into the other lane and a Dooley truck t- boned him in the side, he was killed instantly, pinned in four inches of space. It took them three hours to get him out of the car.

I got a call from his best friend to come where it happened. I couldn't believe it, it had come true. I always knew he would go from fast driving, I just never knew it would be so young.

Ashton was a very outgoing boy (man). Everyone that met him loved him, even parents. Everyone at worked loved him also, he even loved his job. Oh how happy he was, Ashton didn't drink or do drugs. He had never really had a true girlfriend, as a matter of fact he had just fallen in love for the first time.

Please parents, if your child drives fast take the keys. I never want a parent to lose their child for something that could be avoided. He was the love of my life, and I would do anything to get him back, and I'm sure if he had it to do all over again, he would be the best driver around.

I still can`t believe he gone and it's been two and half years. And that day he was in such a hurry that I didn't get my kiss and hug before he left, how sorry am I not stopping him from leaving so fast. So parents no matter how old they are always get your kiss and hug.

To my son Ashton momma will always love you!!

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Sep 27, 2010
by: Sharon

That's exactly how I feel, I wish I'd stopped her - I always knew it would happen - why did I let my beautiful 18 year old daughter drive ??

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