Audie Stevens

by audie stevens
(Fort Worth Texas)

I met Roxanne 34 years ago she was 17 i was 20 she was the most beautiful angel that GOD created i fell in love right away she fell in love with me i couldnt believe she was mine to love and cherish as odd as it sounds to this day so many years later when i look at her i still see that angel i so helplessly fell in love with and hoped to grow old with i had a good job gave her my pay check each time about $2000 every two weeks i had other personal income for myself to make it short she met new friends got into drugs quit paying bills they convienced her i was cheating on her lost the hse to foreclose lived in car many got laid off at my job i was there 15 yrs finally got an apt new job 6 months ago she went to store i havent seen her since called police missing person report they found her she took the car came back later while im at work took other car i had to rent car for month kept paying notes finally we repoed it had tracker in it after 3 months then she called wanting to know why i found her with a man mike in saginaw ex con 10 yrs older than her no job is a scrapper picks up scrap has cancer gets oxycotin shoots meth they are in a little run down trailer size of school bus she must be shooting oxycotin and meth he is slick talker she has nothing to do with me or the boys no contact he called one time said get over her dont know if she let him i want to kill him but cant do that have job and my boys cant get her out of my mind going crazy very depressed hard to function or work try very hard to forget her but see her face everywhere 2 months ago she called said will be home 5 days was no show wont answer phone im going crazy pray i can wake up from this nightmare some people say shes bad i told her i cant help but to love her and forgive her come home please come home every thing forgiven my love is unwavering solid unconditional but my heart weak fearfull afraid i might do something bad to thaidiot giving her drugs he is jailhse lawyer con man knows all he also has tried coaxing other women that he barely knows with drugs money if they move in with him he sells meth and some oxycotin he gets for his condition some say its menopause god i hope i wake up from this nightmare want so badly to send him back to hell where he came from

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Aug 26, 2012
Audie Steveens
by: Doreen U.K.

Audie, I read your story and wonder HOW? WHY? you can take this woman back into your life? I know it is good to give people a second chance in life and somehow to rescue someone can make a difference to their life. But it looks as if it is for your purpose and not hers that you want her back. Will it work? Will the relationship work since it has been destroyed somewhat? How can you salvage something from this relationship that is worth saving? The woman you love may be worth saving but isn't everyone? Even the man you want to kill for taking your woman away and introducing her to drugs which destroyed your life. Doesn't the woman you love and want back have a CHOICE? Didn't she make the CHOICE she wanted to make? There are a whole lot of questions you need to ask yourself. You need to think with your mind and not your heart. This lovely woman you want back in your life is like a drug you want. What can she offer you that is lasting, stable, and worth living, and fighting for? Is there stability here? Can she offer you stability and happiness? For how long? Till she finds something better? or runs off again? Do you think this relationship you want will save you or destroy you? GO see a COUNSELLOR. See if you can get her out of your system so that you can move on with your life. You have admirable qualities. You have unconditional love. But is it enough? If this woman you love did not show up. Is she really genuine and want to be with you. You may be fighting a losing battle with no winners. She may want to be somewhere else, but you want her back. If she wanted to come back to you she would be with you now. Having her back is what you want but what will it do to your boys? will they get lost somewhere and neglected because you are delirious for this woman. The boys should take priority in your life. If you had to choose between this woman you want back and your boys? Who would you choose? Change your FOCUS and maybe you might find the answer before you make a mistake in your life that you will regret. I hope it works out for you. Let us know. I do understand how you feel. Best wishes.

Aug 26, 2012
by: Judith in California

Audie, I read your lament of sadness and anger and I feel so bad for the hurt and loss of trust and love you are going through. You gave so much and received so little. You do have those boys to consider and still care for and love. This is what you must focus on now.

Please don’t loose your self respect to some one who has done you so horribly wrong. She was a big girl and knew what she was doing. She just didn’t care and upon doing drugs she can’t care for she is no longer the person you fell in love with. She is sick now and She is gone and until she willingly igoes for the help she needs then there is no chance of her gong back to her old self. Her brain has been changed from all the chemicals she has injested or smoked.

For you to acknowledge the other man (scumbag, piece of crap) it is giving him power. Do not speak to him. Don’t give up your power. Belive me…he is already in hell. It’s unfortunate he is taking unsuspecting women with him.

Please get stronger and love yourself enough to never let her or anyone else treat you that way again. Focus on those boys and just tell them their Mom is sick but don’t disparage her to them .

God be with you and give you strength to do the right things.

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