Baby Girl. Little Parakeet. A Lot Of Joy.

by Kathy
(Las Vegas, Nv.)

I got a great deal in a Feed Store with baby parakeet with cage and staples for $20 in July of 2011! I brought my new friend home and we instantly bonded. She went everywhere with me. Since the loss of my husband in 2008 I have been moving a lot. I wouldn't fly to re-locate because I couldn't sneak my parakeet in my purse. We've taken four bus rides together, she enjoyed sitting on my monitor while I was on computer, preened my eyebrows and was always happy to see me.
I don't really know how or why she died two days ago. I only know I found her at the bottom of her cage. Of course I started to figure out what I did wrong.
At four am the next morning, I turned the back yard light on and thought I saw a bird illuminated on the ground. I opened the door and I was right but it was impossible to see what I saw! At closer inspection I saw it was a white stone that had impressions of a bird's face! A white bird! My bird was white. Convinced that I lost my mind, I returned to bed only to hear fluttering of wings and a shadow of a bird in flight.
The next day the meaning became clear to me. Since I was unsure of what to do with her remains, they were still in a blanket in the garage.
My son-in-law dug a hole for me and I placed her in it after saying good-bye one last time.
The stone was not my imagination. It really does look like a white bird complete with eyes.
It is her headstone.

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Oct 20, 2012
Baby Girl. Little Parakeet. A Lot of Joy.
by: Doreen

Kathy I am sorry for your loss of your Parakeet. I had 11 Cockatiels in a cage and I lost one, then two flew out of the cage and then down to 8. I developed asthma, and my husband developed lung cancer and with us both struggling to breathe we had to find another home for our birds. My husband died 5 months ago from his cancer, and I was wanting to keep the birds in case I lost my husband, but I found a new home for the birds before my husband died. It was the right time for the birds to go to an indoor and outdoor aviary where they would have a better quality of life in better surroundings. I suddenly felt sorry for the small space the birds had to occupy. It suddenly seemed cruel. I MISS my Birds so much. I now feed over 50 birds that come to me every morning. They sit on our roof and whilst I am putting their food out they fly over my head. I just wish I could afford to feed them 3 times a day. They are the love of my life. I lost one bird today. The cat attacked it and my heart broke. It has upset me all day to lose another bird. I wish I could save all the birds from predators. I hope that you are able to get another bird and so carry on giving it Love.

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