Bear our Faithful Companion

by Terence & Carol McLaughlin
(Augusta, Georgia)

My wife and I had to put our loving companion Bear to sleep on 22 January 2014 a day we shall never forget. Bear was Yoranian his father full blooded Yorkshire and his mother full blooded Pompeian, he was so beautiful, smart, loving, and loyal. We took him to the vet yearly and anytime we thought there might be something wrong, the veterinarian never told us that Bear had congestive heart failure and Bear look and acted in the best of health, but on 7 October 2013 there was something wrong with Bear, the vet where we always took him was not available so our son suggested Dr. and my wife took Bear there, and Dr.said he was sorry he could of seen Bear two years ago he could of saved him. Dr. gave Bear a shot and some meds and told our son to keep watch over his mom because he believed Bear would die on way home. Well for two days it was close but by third day Bear was back to his old self, we gave Bear the meds on time every day. On 22 January 2014 Bear chased a squirrel in yard and at the end of the yard he collapsed, I think he had a heart attack, we took him to animal hospital and they said nothing they could do and the humane thing was to put him down. My wife and I made the decision and it was so hard, was like saying it about our children and Bear was our best friend beside Jesus. We took Bear home placed him in a casket that we bought months earlier hoping we would not have to use it. We put Bear in there gently his favorite blanket lined the bottom and his other blanket on him, with few of his favorite toys, baby, rabbit, and Bunny. I built a tomb in back yard near storage building and tend it weekly and placed flowers in the area. Bear and I did everything together, when I was in yard he had to be with me, we checked mail together, we grilled out together, we took rides together, and he protected us and loved us unconditionally. Bear would watch over Carol while I was gone at work and greet Carol when she got home from teaching school. Bear was the greatest dog ever and everyone who saw him fell in love with him. Bear had a big heart and thought he was a bigger dog, and he never met a stranger, he loved life, and he loved Carol and I till the last beat of his heart. We stayed with him as they put the needle in, he died in my arms, and the last person he saw was my wife. We have cried daily since that day, and we laugh at the good times with Bear and how smart he was and loving then tears well up in our eyes. This Thanksgiving and Christmas will be hard on us because Bear was family and he won’t be there he will be truly missed he loved when all the family got together for the Holidays and our son has his sister. I could write so much on Bear that it would be a book. I told my wife I do not think in our life time for us there would be another dog like Bear, God broke the mold when he made Bear.

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