Beautiful Baby Bird

by Eileen Kent
(Chicago, IL)

Baby Bird

Baby Bird

I have been blessed. I am 46 years old and my mother died at a ripe old age of 87 on June 29, 2010. She is the oldest of 10 and the mother of 9 - and I am the youngest. Martha taught me so many things, that even though some of you lost your mom at a young age, I can share with you some of the wisdom of her being, which may bring you comfort.

Love Unconditionally

Work out your Differences

Make the Most of Any Situation

Learn....Learn More....Teach and Share what you've learned


Tell Stories

Love some more

Never Forget Those Who've Passed Before....

I am saddened for myself as I also, lost my confidant, my mentor, my best friend and my mom. Just yesterday, I reached for the phone saying to myself, "Ohh! I haven't touched base with mom today!" Whoops. Ouch. After losing my dad 19 years ago, I know that feeling too well....and it never goes away. But I am happy for her as she is in a better place.

She was in a nursing home for over 2 1/2 years, lucid, with a swallowing disorder. Being of sound mind, she made it clear that she did not want any unnecessary means to save her. This was a gift for us, because we didn't have to make that impossible decision on her behalf....and a gift for her, because her passing was gentle, soft, pain free and peaceful. I was so blessed as I was with her as she drew her last breath. We had beautiful celtic harp music playing and we said I love you a hundred times.

I was told to keep an eye out for "Signs" after her passing and I've found that I see more banana yellow flowers, cars, motorcycles, trucks, signs, lights, shirts - than I ever have in my life, so my "sign" is the color yellow. I had another "sign" the day after she passed away. She had gotten so small, that I started to call her "baby bird" and the day after she passed, my brother bound up to my car as I pulled up to his driveway and he said, I have a sign! I said to myself "Wow, that was easy!" And he showed me a plant that was hanging from his porch. Inside the plant was a newly hatched baby finch. I've never seen anything like it in my life. There were still two eggs in the nest unhatched and I said to my brother, "The eggs are us - as our bodies are as fragile as a little egg and the baby bird is her....newly born and living!"

I hope you will find something -- a sign -- that will indicate to you that your mother will always be with you.......

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