Beautiful, kind angel

by Orko

My lovely sister, her smile would light up a stadium. The kindest person I have ever known. She would give away all her money to beggars, ALL of it literally and then come to me for some more.My best friend,my confidante,my life.Her love for shopping was only outdone by her love for literature,and that only outdone by her love for me and dad. Great at anything she would ever try,pretty as an angel. She would sing me to sleep when i got stressed out, would counsel my teenage self when i would be worried. The only person to have loved me with zero expectations. I LOVE U DI. You are the best, you are my person, you are who I am most proud of. You are who taught me right from wrong.You are who I want to be with all the time.

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May 29, 2013
the good
by: s.jane.f

Oh my goodness, is it true that "only the good die young"? What a lovely human being your sister was. My son, who died two months ago today at age 19 was also so kind and tender--he knew the names of the homeless people in our small town and would not only give them money, but would sit and talk to them with total respect. He always said, "They're people too." Somebody told me that perhaps people like your sister and my son had already learned what they needed to in this life, and that's why they were "called home". Stay strong.

May 05, 2013
To Kate
by: Orko

Thank you Kate for keeping us in your thoughts. Grief is so hard, and your kindness brings me some comfort, just knowing that there are others out there undertaking this journey with me, that I am not the only one.Somehow it takes away the loneliness just a little bit. So thanks again Kate. You are in my thoughts too.Take care.

Apr 18, 2013
Your sister Di
by: Kate

I think of you still Orko, your sister was so beautiful.
My son was a wonderful son,his only brother misses him so much. Death is so hard,I can't understand even though I have studied bible,Koran,bhagavad Gita, when it comes upon us,it is different......our heart is tied up with our loved ones. We learn to accept it but never stop missing them. Thinking of you and your family Orko.

Mar 16, 2013
Your sister Di
by: Kate

How beautiful your love for your sister. I understand your sorrow and know your path without her is sad. The love never will die. She is in your heart always and forever. Her love for you lives on in your memory. Her gift of love is always yours.

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