Beautiful Rosie R.I.P

by Zoe

I had to put my pet cat Rosie to sleep on the 1st July 2015 she was nearly 21 in September. I am devastated and so is my daughter who grew up with her from 4years of age. They were like sisters and so close as so was i. I went to the vet as she lost so much wait and was continuously drinking water from the kitchen tap and her litter tray was sokeing wet I didn't think it was just her as I have another cat called misty she has just got threw a terrible illness also and seems OK at the moment. I am feeling guilty as the vet said I should put her to sleep and my heart is saying why didn't I ask for blood test to be certain that it was kidney failure. The vet said her kidneys felt small and she was complety dehydrated. I hope I made the right decision because I always be live in hope. I am worried for my other cat as she knew her since being a kitten so she was a mother to her could my misty pass on from a broken heart. I am so desperate for answers as my daughters so worried to. I loved Rosie so much and miss her presence and so does misty. It's so quite at home know as she was always meowing and was vocal all the time. She had a beautiful burial in my friends garden it was magical and since then I believe I've had messages from angle s so I hope and pray she is out of pain and with her daugher and my beloved dog Roxy. It's so painful losing her I fear for misty thankyou

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Jul 17, 2015
Why do some people not understand sadness of losing a pet
by: Anonymous

I would like to ask has anyone have experience of lack of compassion and people not saying I'm sorry for your loss of your pet I find this really odd and bealive anything living with a heart is very upsetting still. So when I let someone know and I have no reply I find this bizzare and to me very unempathic. Is it that some humans can't express emotion has any one else had this response thankyou

Jul 17, 2015
I understand your pain
by: Anonymous

Thankyou to the person who had Prue and sorry for you loss also. I have acceptance know that I did the right by Rosie as I do believe she's out of pain know and it would of been awful for her to carry on like she was. I am truly grateful for your kind words and would also like to say something since her passing a few spiritual experiences I've had shows she's still with us. Me and my daughter were in her bedroom and we were grieving and I think the unision of pain opened up a channel or gate to the spiritual world and we both heard Rosie meow and we both looked at each other cause this was amazing and helped in that moment I think she was telling us that she was OK. Today Rosie use to knock my daughters lentils when she walked on her desk when she studied I heard that noise today and my daughters away at the moment. It really comforted me and know that all our lovely animals that have passed are playing happily in heaven. Thankyou I don't know if your male or female but God bless people who truly love unconditionally for their animals

Jul 17, 2015
For Marie
by: Anonymous

Dear Marie thankyou so much for your comment on Rosie these words truly helped me through those painful first days of greif and always imagined the rainbow bridge and her crossing it and being greeted by her beloved daughter summer who was run over and are beloved German Shepard who was put to rest cause her hips I still see the love Rosie and summer had for Roxie they use to snuggle up together and knead Roxie its so wonderful to have such loving and beautiful pets I have been truly blessed. It's amazing grief and the amazing feelings you go through I am grateful to have love and look forward to seeing them when I pass. Marie thankyou again its your words that helped me come to have acceptance and I do believe in God I also have seen spirits and heard them so know they are still around us God bless you all the best

Jul 17, 2015
I understand your pain
by: Anonymous

To Dorreen I would like say thankyou so much for replying to my comment and so sorry for your losses of your lovely birds! I love birds as well I had a budgie called Herbie she was so loving greif is very painful every time it comes around its a wave of emotion. Im starting to have acceptance know and no I did the write by her as I would not have her suffer any more I know she's with the angles and I'm sure I've heard her and felt her presence in my daughters room as it sounded like pencils moved and she used to knock them when on the desk I do believe in God and a spiritual afterlife. Your beautiful birds are tweeting with all the pain free and in happy heaven with love and joy in your caring response I am truly grateful your comments really helped me thankyou. I'm still a bit concerned about my other cat misty as Rosie was like her mother. I'm not sure how long she will pine for her I'm not going to get another kitten as she is 16 and don't think this will be fair.I think she is board though and have been playing with her more. Any godless Dooreen all the best

Jul 14, 2015
Reply for comments for rosie
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your lovely comments will get back to you soon with more detailed reply. sorry for losses also yes its very hard all the best. Zoe

Jul 13, 2015
Prayers surround you
by: Anonymous

I lost my furry girl, Prue, nearly a year ago. She was 15 years old and had similar symptoms to your Rosie. I too held onto so much hope but I can tell you that what would have followed would have been so much worse for Rosie.

I am so sorry your heart is breaking right now. I still start to cry when I remember my last day with my little one.

Know that she is with you always and that the next time you meet that it will be forever.

You are are a kind mother to care so much and even more to be such an advocate for Rosie. You helped her to stop hurting.

Blessings to you and your family.

Jul 12, 2015
Beautiful rosie R.I.P.
by: Doreen UK

Zoe I am so sorry for your loss of your cat Rosie. It is never easy to lose a pet that has been such an integral part of your life for so long. We establish a strong bond with our pets and when they leave us it is the worst internal pain in the world to bear.
I have lost a few pets. I had birds and my Ben died in my hands as I cupped him and told him I loved him. He struggled to climb the cage and was blind in one eye. I often wonder how much pain our pets are in when they can't tell us. WE have to guess, and hope we do the right thing by them. You are not alone in your grief as we all go through this when we have lost our pets.
I had birds fly out of the cage as I cleaned. It is such a frightening feeling when they are gone and you can do nothing to get them back. You feel so helpless.
It takes quite a bit of time to recover from our grief of losing a pet. But you will recover ONE DAY AT A TIME. Don't give up hope, and don't stop loving a pet. They are for life, and when one pet goes another somewhere needs loving. Only caring and sensitive people like yourself can continue to give and love a pet for life.

Jul 07, 2015
Your Beautiful Rosie
by: Marie

So sorry you lost your wonderful cat Rosie. Just
think how long her life was, she was a blessed kitty to have you for her human mommy I know she was loved and cared for by you and your family. She has crossed over the rainbow bridge and is not in pain anymore. I believe we will see our animals again in heaven. Our God is a loving God,
he sent his only son Jesus to die for our sins. God is preparing a wonderful place for us. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you cross over and Rosie is there waiting for you. God Bless you....Marie

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