Beautiful Sister Gone Too Soon...

by Bethan Davies

On the 1st of January 2012 my sister died in a car accident. I am 13 years old and she was more than a sister to me, she raised me as her own,she was more of a mother figure to me. She was beautiful,inside and out. 21 years of age...she was a passanger in the car, she was unable to do anything to stop it. The memories we had keep replaying over and over in my head all day, it's only been about 3 months and my heart is bleeding from heartache and grief. I find it extremely hard going to school because nobody understands how I feel, I see the other children laughing and talking about silly things and the only thing I can think of all day is...why? Why did this happen to us? We have already lost a sister from cot death before I was born. I know that she would have been a bubbly and a beautiful character just like my other sister and she didn't have a chance to live her life yet. Now we've found out that my eldest sister is expecting a baby and is 12 weeks pregnant...We now have hope for the future, though it is very little hope. I just want to see her for one last time and say goodbye and tell her how much I dearly love her forever and always will. But until we meet again you will never leave my heart. R.I.P Sian, Caru chdi am byth xxxxxxxxx

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Apr 25, 2012
I just know
by: Nikki

I am so sorry for your loss. I was 26 when my 14 year old beautiful sister was killed in a car accident. Our story is a little reversed. I can tell you, it does get easier. It never goes away, it will always be with you. But life gets easier to live. It was almost 9 years ago now and I am almost 35. Not one day goes by that I don't think about her and wish that she was here. I know exactly where I was at 3 months time. I still have grief quotes on my fridge and one is from my dad who wrote this at that three month mark when I was having a difficult time. It's a tough road. Hang in there. It's true that most people have no idea; I'm happy for them. And the ones that do have an idea if what it's like, there's not much they can say either, but they just know; and I just know as well. You've got to go on and that means letting go and you'll never let go. So, it's a cycle--you live and then you grieve--and then you live."

Apr 21, 2012
she will always be with you
by: shannon moore

i am so sorry for your loss my sister died in february 2012 i was so sad but remember hun she will always be with you and she knows your upset but she wouldnt want you to be. i really wish you luck.xxxxx

Mar 16, 2012
I understand your lost, and I am so sorry.
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your lost, and your pain. My twin was everything to me. I know how it feels when you see others laughing and being happy cause they have their loved ones and I don't. I have said many prayers to God and asked him to help me understand why?. I have learned that I don't have to understand, I just know my pain. I have learned to live with the pain, I know in my heart my Twin is no longer hurting from the burdens we have on earth. I know my twin is safe in heaven. I talk to him every day and night. I tell him I love him and miss him. At times when I do I get a slight tingle in my heart I know that it is him telling me he loves me back, and it is okay to move forward. I still struggle, I miss his physical body being here, but I know his love is always touching me everyday. Again talk your sister let her know how you feel, but always know she is with more now then when she was on earth. GOD Bless I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Again I do understand your not alone....

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