Being Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving. My heart reaches out to all who write and read on this wonderful site. It is hard to count our blessings today, but we do. It is easy to only think about the chairs that are empty at our table, but instead, let us focus on the ones who sit at our table and supply an abundance of love and laughter.

Press on, dear ones. God is still on His throne and His blessings fall on all of us. He loves us completely and unconditionally. I want to love like that, in spite of the loss that I feel deep in my heart. Love to you all.
In His Grip, Gracie

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Nov 29, 2010
being thankful
by: Mari

My thanksgiving was fine with a total of 8 grandchildren, 2 of them babies. At first I wished I was home alone as my sweetheart came to mind. He would have been sitting on the sofa with a baby on each side.

As time went on we had a nice time and a great meal. I realized that I was thankful for the years I had a nice husband. I was thankful for all those grandchildren and the great due in Dec.
No matter what we are going through, God is there and he provides.

It seems that I am a bit tired. Everyone left yesterday and it is real quiet here.
My whole life seems to have changed. I have to take care of everything myself now. My husband is safe with the Lord and out of pain.

We just have to keep going. There are sad moments and memories. But God is there and he knows how we feel and he cares. I am thankful for this board too. It helps a lot having wonderful people ready to listen.

Nov 27, 2010
My Thanksgiving
by: Shirley

I have not had my smiling beautiful son now for almost 5 months. It hurts. However, when I saw my other children gathered for Thanksgiving and saw the support we gave each other I decided to be thankful for them and try not to focus on Dimitri's empty place at the table. My kids are amazing. So strong and so supportive. D was with us in spirit. I could feel him. Next stop, Christmas. So many "firsts" to endure. But, I'll get through them, one step, one breath at a time.

Nov 26, 2010
Giving Thanks

I read this post before I sat down to dinner full of trepidation. I tried not to visualise Paul at the table. The movie played in my mind as I tried to shake it off. Instead I looked at his sister, her daughter and my son at the table and tried to remind myself that I am blessed to have them here. It is rare for me to feel at peace. So I guess that I wish peace within for all here that look for answers. How to get somewhere where it doesn't hurt and others can commiserate and empathise what we all feel.

My best to you in your journey through grief

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