by Annette Cale
(Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

I rescued Benji from a home in Robina in June 2005, he was six months old. He was a mix of pomeranian and bichon; a white and black mix and weighed about 5-6kg a beautiful nature. He was so scruffy but stood out from the rest of the dogs that were wanting a home that day. The first couple of weeks he was so timid he just sat on the chair and shook! He then became my shadow... I adored him and he me.. a special bond... you just knew when you looked into his eyes how special he was. In july 2010 my hubby passed away and Benji was left to cope with me and my heartbrake. He to grieved and lost most of his hair; which was rather alarming as he looked like one of those mexican hairless dogs... but to me he was adorable... It was the unspoken words that were between me and benji that made life copable; we went for walks after work and at weekends in the nearby park and along the river... Then in March 2012, after work i was walking Benji in the park we had a lovely time, he had had a little run off his lead by the river and we were five minutes away from home, he was on his lead next to me just strolling along when from out of nowhere appeared a big black dog who has gotten away from his walker... before i had time he had Benji in his jaws and within minutes there was so much damage; it tried to save him i was bitten.. the lady who was walking the other dog to benji and i to the nearest vets but they were not equipped to handle his injuries... they helped us transport benji to the animal hospital about 25 minutes by car... we arrived and was met by a medical team of vets... unfortunately the damage was done, his legs were broken, his lungs punctured, his wounds were too much for the poor little fellow.... It was then i had to say goodbye... I felt the grief and heartbrake of my little benji to the point where i questioned did i want to go on without him... why did it happen to him.... if only i hadnt been in the park that night.... I still today mourn for my beautiful benji and cannot even imagine having another pet in my life... he was so brave, beautiful, funny, strong... It all becomes so real again the loss, just losing my mother of 86 years of age... Animals so precious are a gift; i thank you benji for being part of my life, and god bless and god rest your soul and may love light and laughter fill your heart and sould wherever you may be..... forever in my heart always my darling benji, your mum xxxxxx

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Dec 03, 2012
by: Joyce Simmons

I am so sorry for you. What a terrible way to lose your precious little companion. I hope someday you will be able to love another little one that needs a home.

Nov 14, 2012
by: Doreen U.K.

Annette I am so sorry for your loss of your hubby, mother, and Benji the love of your life. I can't imagine how that poor Benji suffered with his injuries. It is like me looking after birds. It broke my heart when I lost one. Now I am faced with birds in the garden being attacked by the cat. I saw a bird staying on the ground. I unfortunatley couldn't devote the time to watching over him. He was attacked and eaten in our garden. I will forever be heartbroken over losing any pet. I unfortunately can't keep birds now due to developing Asthma from the dust that comes off birds. But I feed over 50 birds each morning and they are always in my garden. I just can't keep them indoors. Now if I lived in Australia I would have a large outdoor Aviary and fulfill my dream. This is all that makes me happy is seeing my darling birds and looking after them. I have now landscaped the garden so there is no pockets of plants for the cat to hide and attack my birds. I have a birdbath so I can watch my birds bathing and enjoying life.
Annette your loss of Benji is raw just now, but don't deny yourself losing out on the richness in life that having a pet gives you. Just don't hold anything or anyone too tightly, because God can prize them out of our hands at anytime if he so desires. Hold them loosely as if they had wings and could fly away. Keep a Benji journal and write out all your feelings, your joyful moments, everything you want. You will have this memory journal forever. Keep one for each pet you have in the future and you can write in this each day as you go along so you don't lose any memories of joyful times. When you read your journal you will be COMFORTED. DON'T blame yourself for walking in the park that day when Benji was viciously attacked. We never know what is going to happen in life. If you had taken another route something else may have happened. Here in England a woman was walking with her child in a pram and something fell off the scaffolding and killed the child. Another case of a wall suddenly falling over and killing another child. WHY? We don't have the answer. What we should do is PRAY for travelling mercies and also for safety wherever we go so we have God's protection over us. I do this and have been saved from being killed often. A car went through a red light on a crossing and swerved towards me and shaved my clothes. I was saved. Best wishes for the future pets you have to bring joy into your life.

Nov 13, 2012
The Grief is so unbearable at times.
by: Buffy Hamilton

I recently too just lost my baby chihuahua, Chewy. I know exactly how you feel. I read your story and just cryed like a little baby. I am really so sorry for your loss. I dont even have any words to help you feel better but i just wanted you to know that if Benji knew how special you were then other people know too and never give up on life, You made Benji soooo very happy and Benji would want you to spread your love to others. I believe there is no sadness or fear or worries in thee after life, for the loved ones we left behind. Just pure bliss and joy and HAPPINESS so dont worry about him anymore he is enjoying himself with all the other Doggies and he probably has the biggest bone!!! Please take care of yourself the best you can because i know its hard! I also have a story on here. It is called "He taught me how to LOVE", By: Buffy Hamilton. If you want to read. LUVBUF...

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