by Bob Harris
(laporte,in usa)

I had to have my minaturepincher Benny put to sleep this morning he was actually my grandaughter payten's dog she picked him out when she was 3yrs old her mom and her lived with us at the time he came from a pet rescue it was love at first sight between her and him payten is the light of my life she is now 11 any how back to benny he got sick back in april diagnosed with diabetes I gave him his insulin twice a day fed him special dog food after a couple month's the insulin was not working right so he spent a couple of day's with the vet finally diagnosed cushing disease the vet suggested we wait until after the holiday's to start the treatment oh inthe meantime from diagnosis till now he went blind and deaf so maybe it was cruel to put him thru everything but he would still go outside and hunt all over the fenced back yard and get excited when I came home so back to the story christmas eve I had a hard time getting him to eat once i thought about it I realized he was going into keoacidosis he was very sick christmas day I could tell he felt really bad icreased his insulin again vet was closed monday when I got up he wouldn't eat at all gave him milk he drank that my wife cooked him a egg he ate that but he was shaking so called around found a vet that would euthanize him but after more milk 2 more eggs he started drinking seemed to be feeling better this morning I got up fed him 3 eggs checked his sugar level and keoton level they were both high so called my vet took him right in he checked him over said they could admit hook up a iv and try to straighten him out but he had avery rough road ahead would have lots of ups and downs Dr Mack was prepped for surgery but waited till I got there before going into surgery I asked about whether it was time to put him down and he told me it had to be my decision while he was in surgery for me to decide what coures to take so I went out to the truck with benny and waited and cried till they came and got me they had a nice soft cushion for him to lay on asked me if I wanted to stay I said yes benny liad down and I rubbed his belly while they gave him the shot they all came in with him and loved on him while it happened and told me I could stay as long as I wanted I left the vets cried all the way home and now i'm sitting crying the afternoon away I feel like a murderer.this is the third pet I have had to euthanize and i go thru this everytime it doesn"t get any easier.I feel like maybe I shouldn't have pets because its so hard to say goodbye.

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