Best Friends Forever

I met Sherry about seven years ago while our daughters were taking dance. We met while sewing props for the annual Nutcracker and it was an instant bond from the beginning-you know how sometime you are lucky to find someone who is everything you would want in a friend-that was Sherry. Sherry had recently recovered from breast cancer and seemed to be doing well, but right after meeting her, she had to deal with a brain tumor. You might think that would have brought her down, but not Sherry. She had a very strong faith in Jesus Christ and shared this faith and belief with anyone she met. Our friendship grew and nothing was more special than having lunch with Sherry or spending time together selling concessions for the dance company shows our daughters belonged to. Sherry dealt with her brain tumor in a courageous way and although she was going through chemo and radiation, she remained strong in faith. She was always interested in my life and if you told Sherry something in confidence, you knew she would keep it to herself and also always remember what problems were going on in your life. She kept a prayer book and always prayed for whatever strife you were dealing with although she was dealing with so much more. Over the years, we got closer and closer and I felt privileged that she was my best friend. Her brain tumors growth were slowed down and shrunk and it seemed Sherry was going to be okay, but about two years ago the cancer had started back in her lungs and liver. Unfortunately the liver cancer was the final straw. Sherry fought it with all her strength, but died on March 31st of this year. I still miss so much about her and find myself in tears many a day thinking about her. I shared a friendship with her that if I am really fortunate I will find again. If not, that will be okay too-I feel honored that she was a part of my life.

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Sep 12, 2012
Best Friends Forever
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your best friend Sherry. Few of us get to have this experience of a best friend who makes a real difference in our lives. I do believe that God puts them there for a reason. I have always wished to have this experience. But since I didn't. I decided with God's help to be the BEST FRIEND, that someone needed. To be an encourager and to lift people up in life. God gives us talents and Spiritual Gifts to enhance the lives of others. I do believe that Sherry had this gift given by God. This enabled her to live the life she was put on this earth for. We are here to SERVE OTHERS. It seems that Sherry fulfilled her job of being on earth and God took her home when her work was finished. She left you a legacy to pass on to others. Almost like everyone reaching one. Like a chain that we pass on to make other people's lives better. It matters not what life chucks at us but if we have a mission we are able to fulfill this mission regardless of what we are going through. God carries our pain and illness. And we just go on with the serving of others regardless of where we are. I feel this way about my husband. It almost feels like he was here to do a work for his family and then God took him at the prime of his life. His mission was over. This I do believe is our purpose for living. TO SERVE OTHERS. It makes our burdens lighter when God is in control. I do hope you do have another friend like Sherry in life. But if you don't she will have left you a treasure that you can carry on in your life, to be A BEST FRIEND to others.

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