Best little bird in the world, Rodney, age 27...

by Michael

Rodney (at a younger age)

Rodney (at a younger age)

My parents bought Rodney in 1984, when I was 13 years old, and this started my obsession with birds, and my love for pet birds. I had 7 birds when Rodney died, and years before I got some of the members of my feathered children, I had another parrot, Hector, who died in 1993. Rodney was a cockatiel, and was 27 years old. Yes...27. I heard the average 'Tiel was 15-20. Anyway, this past year Rodney began having mini strokes I think. He would shriek and fall to the bottom of his cage and his feet would not work for a few minutes. I would hold him and comfort him until he was able to regain his footing, and then I would cuddle him more until he wanted to go back into his cage and eat. He loved to eat.

The week before Rodney died was Christmas, and I saw his decline even more after Christmas day. He was slwogin up and only made if half way up his ladder to his perching sleep spot. The night before he died, I placed his cage upstairs in my bedroom because it is warmer upstairs and I wanted to be near him if he got bad. The next morhing he was on the bottom of his cage but alive.

Hours later he was at the bottom, lying belly-down and unable to hold his head up. I removed him from his cage and held him for a while. I was vety afraid and deep down I know he would not last long. I wrapped him in a warm towel until he stopped breathing in my arms. My whole world crashed down on me within seconds. The first bird I ever had was gone. 3:00 PM central time on New Years eve day. An awful ending to an already bad year, and in my mind a horrible start to another bad year to come.

Rodney was cremated yesterday, and I picked him up today so he will always be with me. It is so hard to look at his urn now and think the bird that enjoyed his Christmas gifts a mere week before was now gone forever.

I am grieving like I have never grieved before. In my 40 years alive, I have seen many of my parents dogs euthenized because of helth issues, and I have had two pet birds die (Hector in 93 and Rodney on Saturday) and I cannot remember any of the pain being this bad. I have my other 6 pet birds to live for and care for, but this has left a gigantic hole in my heart.

Goodbye forever Rodney. I have always and will always love you. I hope you were happy and loved every day of your life as much as I loved having you in it. If there is a heaven, I cannot wait to see you again. Rest peacefully, Rodney. Daddy loves you so very much.

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Jul 06, 2017
by: Anonymous

Cockatiels are amazing pets, even though this comment is 5 years late- I'm really sorry for your loss.
If this makes you feel any better...
We have a cockatiel ourselves. His name is also Rodney. He was born around October the year right after your Rodney died.

I'm really sorry for your loss- I can't imagine this hapenning to our baby, it must've been so traumatic. <3

Jan 04, 2012
Best little bird in the world
by: Mari

I am very sorry for the loss of your beautiful bird. He did indeed live a long time due to the love and affection he received and good care.
You sound so kind and caring. I realize the loss will take time to get through so just take it a day at a time. We are here for you so keep posting.
Remember that God made birds too and one day you will see Rodney again.
Jesus said,''The lion shall lay down with the lamb'' so we know there will be animals in heaven.Keep up the faith.

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