Best Weather Man

by Pam

My Dad passed away on October 20th of last year. He was 88 years old. Even though I was blessed to have had him for 62 years, the pain is not lessened. I called him every day at 7:00 p.m. His first words when he came to the phone were always "Well, baby is it cold/hot enough for you?" We talked about the weather so much that I began to think of him as the weather man. We lived about a 100 miles away from each other and the phone calls kept us close. I have the supreme joy of knowing he is with God now and is longer in any pain. Best of all, I have sure and certain knowledge that I will see him again and have joy that no one can ever take from me. If you are a believer, that is God's promise to those who place faith in Jesus Christ. If you have doubts about your parents and their salvation, take the risk of annoying them and ask them where they are going when they die. I did. Just 2 months before my dad passed I called him and got the answer that has given me peace. I am so grateful for God's mercy.

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Jun 30, 2013
Best Weather Man
by: Anonymous

S Thank you for your post in support here. Your post was full of encouragement and HOPE for those who have no HOPE or who have lost HOPE through death or just life.
I was born into a Faith handed down from my parents. I am thankful for this, but I needed my own experiences and not that of my parent's. Over time God gave me rich experiences of my own through painful trials which has made me stronger and developed my faith. I do live with HOPE that I will see my husband again who died 14 months ago of cancer. Otherwise how do we go on with this wretched grief that feels unpleasant and robs us of strength each day. It is holding onto God's strength that we become stronger.
I am happy that your father found fulfilment in his Faith before me died because the biggest question for all of us is "Where are you going to spend eternity?" The answer is with Jesus if we have taken the time to know Him, get acquainted with His Ways and find strength through Him to go on in life. Thank you and Best wishes to you in Life and Faith.

Jun 29, 2013
best weather man
by: s

My dad was a weather man.He started as a weather observer while he was in the Air Force.He went on to become a forcaster,then a meteorologist.He then went into solar observing,then solar forcasting(solar flares and the like).When he retired,he went to work for NOAA and worked on several of the space programs as forcaster for loss of signals and the like.My dad went to his heavenly reward Dec 4,2009 at the age of 82.I was 60.It's funny.My dad made sure we went to church when we were young but he never went.He used to say that,maybe there was a GOD but he believed in Evolutionism,not the Bible.About the time he was in his late fifties he began to go to church with mom.He began to change.By the time he was in his 60's he became a devout church goer and went through some learning sessions and became a member of the Catholic Church.He became very active member.I worried though because he still felt that the Bible was a story book for Christians...a guideline written by man.Just a yr before he died he began to "really"believe.We had a few talks about his belief and fears.He wanted to know if he would see my baby sister that died 8 yrs previous.I told him that I truly believe we would see our loved ones.During these conversations he began to strengthen his belief in GOD and JESUS. He began to believe in their promises.When he died I had no doubt that he would see them all.I look forward to the day I will be able to see him again and say...see...I was right...aren't you glad you believed too.GOD send you strength and peace.I will continue to pray this also for all of us who have sent loved ones on ahead of us.

Jun 29, 2013
Best Weather Man
by: Doreen U.K.

Pam Bless you for your encouraging post of your loss but also the Blessed Hope you have of eternal life and knowing in Faith you will see your father again according to God's Promise. "I go to prepare a place for you and I WILL COME BACK AGAIN FOR YOU. to receive you unto myself that where I am there you may be also." This helps us go on. It matters not how old your father was we will always miss our loved ones. God gave us three score and ten years and anything above this is a blessing. I am so happy that you believe and can go on in life knowing with Faith that we will all gather on that shore one day. No more GRIEF,DEATH,SORROW,PAIN. All gone forever. Our finite minds could not understand the full extent of this now. But something to look forward to. Often our grief is so great that we hasten that day. it can't come soon enough. My heart just breaks for all those people who are Lost and don't know it and can't find a way to come to Jesus and find out for themselves that this world is just a place we are passing through the testing ground to develop our character so we can live with a RIGHTEOUS GOD in the place he has prepared for those who Love Him and called according to His Promise. I also got my husband to a place where he would be ready. I said "I want to see you on the other side. make sure you do everything necessary to get there because this is the place we were meant to be." He was anointed for Healing and died 8hours later. I feel at peace with This Anointing. His final Blessing. But I still miss him and my heart aches every day for him. May God go with you and all of us and comfort us in our Grief. Best wishes.

Jun 28, 2013
Best weather man
by: Mari

Dear Pam. What a beautifully written memorial to the ''weather man.'' He must have been a fine person indeed. Apparently he already knew Jesus as his personal savior since he gave you the answer to the question you asked.
I always say,''If you have Jesus you have everything.''
I lost my husband 3 1/2 years ago. It was very hard to get through but I had a dream of heaven a few months later. My husband was there and myself and Jesus was standing there. It was beautiful. The sky was the prettiest shade of blue and we were standing on clouds. There were a lot of people there.
This dream gave me the strength to go on. I am very busy with work and church activities. God bless you. Keep posting. Mari

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