Betrayed, abused, cheated on, lied to, abandoned PART I

by Melanie

I'm a 33-year old single mother of an 8-year old little girl. My daughter's biological father left us when she was a year-and-ahalf years old. Then about 4 years ago I met a young guy named Francisco, through a friend. There was a 6 year difference between us, me being older, but we had a LOT in common. I thought Francisco was cute when I first saw him and I thought he was interesting but I didn't have a huge attraction at first. He chased me in the beginning and we ended up dating each other. We had a LOT in common. Both of us were looking for the same things spiritually, we liked a lot of the same movies, writers, hobbies. We also had a lot of the same characteristics. I really liked Francisco because he was always helping people, really humble, was really good to both my daughter and I and just seemed like an all-round good guy. He went weekly to a group that taught people to rid themselves of their egos and be spiritually better people.

The first two-and-ahalf years were great. We did all kinds of things together, the sex was great, we felt really comfortable with each other. We talked about moving in together and getting married. At one point, Francisco even mentioned having kids together.

A little over two-and-ahalf years together was when I got my first two major red lights about him. The first was when he came home one night and wasn't talkative. My friend that introduced the two of us was over, and when Francisco came home he didn't even say hi to either of us. He came in and sat down and started watching the tv. There was a piece of hair that had fallen in his face so I brushed it aside to get it out of his face. When I did this Francisco grabbed my wrist and flipped it backwards until I said "Ow!" When he did this he was looking at me very intently like he was gonna kill me. I pulled my wrist away and he quietly went into the other room got two shirts and left. When I questioned him about the incident the next time I saw him he acted like he didn't even know what I was talking about. He said he hadn't been drinking or drugging. I kept bringing it up and he kept denying he was even at my house that night.

I let it go after a bit. Then, the next red light came when I caught him and my best friend kissing. He initially denied it but then confessed and seemed to be really sorry about it. I forgave him again.

I broke my friendship with my best friend and Francisco and I continued dating. Things seemed to be going ok, for the most part and then in January of this year, it all changed.

On New Years 2012 he started complaining about the way I looked and dressed. He had NEVER done this. In fact he had always complimented me and been really nice to me. This night he basically said if I didn't change the way I looked he might leave me.

Then in March Francisco's mother came up from Mexico for a visit. Francisco surprised me by bringing his mom by and introducing her to me. I felt like this was a really good sign, considering what he had said to me on New Years. Then about a week later, while Francisco and I were being intimate he told me he liked me. Then he said "No, I love you." He said it in a very genuine tone.

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Sep 08, 2012
To Melanie
by: Federico

I thinked to loose my Loved Ones, was the whorst could happen to me, but this history, with this deceiver inside makes me think about it. I'm very sorry for you. Living a liar is terrible. My best wishes to Melanie and her daughter. We must be careful about our couples.

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