Betrayed, abused, cheated on, lied to, abandoned PART II

by Melanie

Shortly after this I noticed Francisco would not come over when he said he would. So anyways, he started missing here and there 2 or 3 days. Then this one Saturday we were supposed to go on a date and he didn't show up. I PATIENTLY waited 8 days. He didn't show up. No calls, nothing. So I drove to his trailer at the end of the eigth day and left a note basically saying 'you've been gone 8 days. I haven't heard from you. If I don't hear from you asap I'm gonna assume something happened to you and call the police.' A day later he showed up with not much of an excuse.

I told him I was mad. He comforted me but did't offer up any excuses.

We continued seeing each other. Then this one day he comes over and says he's leaving to go to Mexico to take care of his mom. I got upset and started crying. He told me it was a really difficult decision but there was no one else to take care of his mom, other than him. He told me he would be leaving to go back to Mexico in about 2 months.

On one day he told me he would take my daughter and I bowling. He was supposed to show up at my house at 7pm. Well at 10pm when he was still a no-show and hadn't bothered calling me, I was FURIOUS. My daughter had been asking me off and on during the last 3 hours when he was gonna show up and when we were going to go bowling. At 10 I finally told her that I was sorry that he wasn't showing up and I would take her bowling the next day. Francisco showed up the next day and told me he didn't mean to hurt my feelings but he thought I loved him more than he loved me. He confirmed again he was going back to Mexico and hoped he could find a woman that took care of him as well as I had taken care of him.

He then said he thought we needed to just end things. I became hysterical at this point and asked him if we could at least date till he had to leave. (In my mind I figured I could 'convince' him to stay somehow.) He said he needed a week to think it over. I panicked and told him I was afraid he'd just never come back and I couldn't bare not being able to smell him or touch him or talk with him anymore. You know...the usual things people say or do when they get desperate when someone's breaking it off with them.

Anyways, he said he hadn't slept much the night before so he would be over the next day. He came by the next night. We had sex together and he stayed the night. This happened a few more nights. He even came over more nights than I expected. Then this one night he said he'd be over on a Saturday...he never showed. I let a good month and a half go by before I went looking for him.

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