Blue Morning

by Cally

The breeze is blowing through the pines again and the birds are waking me up. The sky is still dark but dawn is surrounding me. I hope for a smile to cross my face, but the day could quickly turn in the other direction. I wait in my bed peering out the window. Stretching my legs my mind becomes awakened. I hurry into the kitchen and make my coffee. Trying not to sit down for too long I get in the shower and that is when it hits. The pain of losing you is the worst thing that could ever be. My heart gushes and screams your name and my mind relives the memories of you everyday. I stay busy in the mornings. And dare I stay at my house. Grief follows me everywhere but it is easier to hide it in public places. I stay out all day and watch t.v. at night and wait for a morning when I awake with a smile.

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Sep 11, 2011
blue morning
by: Mari

Cally, it sounds as if you are going through the grieving process. It cannot be avoided. I hope you have someone near you whom you can talk to and someone who can comfort you. It is a difficult process. My prayers are with you.
I am doing better in many ways as it is going on 2 yrs for me.But the love we shared is hard to forget.
What you feel is normal under the circumstances. I think I have experienced every emotion possible.
My grandaughter said I am much more independent and learning to do things on my own.She asked me if I think of grandpa and I told her I sure do, all the time.
In the beginning I felt as you feel now.I am starting to think differently. My husband was very sick and needed to be with the Lord.
I am thankful for our years together and the fact that I have plenty of grandchildren to lavish love on and the little great grandaughter.
God will never leave you nor forsake you. He has been with me, provided all my needs and given me comfort.One breath one day. There is a song in Spanish that is called,''One day at a day.'' ''un dia a la vez.''The journey is long but one day the sun will shine for you again.
Blessings can come where you least expect it and healing.But you need to go through the journey first.
When I got my part time job 7 months ago I expected it to be just a part time job.But knowing what I have gone through the family members of the business and my boss have lavished kindness on me. From the onset I can say I am healing.
You never know how God is going to take care of you. Keep up the faith and keep posting.We are here for you.

Sep 02, 2011
the roller coaster ride of grief
by: Anonymous

I know that a lot of people try to stay busy to keep grief at bay. It was the nights that bothered them most. I found myself, my heart screaming at all times day and night. There is only one way to survive grief. That is to work through it day by day often moment by moment. I wish that I could allow time to pass, time being the only thing that heals the wound of grief ever so slowly. Keep writing it helps and read of others grief so that you know that you aren't alone. We are here and we understand like others can't. Not even well meaning family members can understand the pain. I wish you well as I wish everyone on this long horrendous grief walk.

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