Brandie will never be forgotten

by Rhonda Mowdy
(Gearhart OR)

My Loving Angel Brandie

My Loving Angel Brandie

My daughter Brandie was barely 24, when she was found by a friend on her bathroom floor. I had been talking to her every day, she told me she was not feeling well, and she had began coughing up blood, she told me it was hand fulls of bright red blood. I advised her to go to the doctor right away, which she did.

Later that evening, she text me to tell me the Dr. wanted her to follow up with her regular Dr. to have a scope put down into her lungs; and that this was very serious and could be cancer. I was shocked to read that text, and angry that if it was serious why did they send her home...

I called her and got no answer, then I text and said when you wake up in the morning call me please. She replied, "Will do.."

That following day, Jan. 9th, I got no response from her at all, her children were visiting their father for the weekend, she was to pick them up Sunday evening at 7pm.

I kept calling and texting with no response, then I got the horrific call from my mom to tell me that she just received a call saying that Brandie was found dead...

My heart stopped at that moment, I felt a horrible pain in my body, I could not breath... I fell to the floor and screamed. My baby was dead. The panic set in, OMG! I have to see her.. This was not going to be possible for 3 days..

When I finally did see her, I could not let go of her, and I just wanted to warm her cold body, laying there with such peace. I could not leave, I kept thinking just 5 more minutes. Please God just give me 5 more minutes with my baby..
The week to follow was overwhelming, and much of a blur.

My daughter Brandie died from a hemorrhage in her right lung.. I don't know why that had to happen to a young, beautiful mother of 3. All I can think is that she is in heaven with her baby that passed before her, and someday I will see her again.

Brandie's mom Rhonda

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Apr 19, 2014
It's been 4 years 3 months
by: Your mom

I love and miss you!!!
My heart is forever broken,
My lips say your name everyday,
I wake up to your beautiful pictures, and think to myself how different life would be if you were still here.
God, I wish you were here!!

May 16, 2013
wish we were banking memories....still
by: Anonymous

I think about you often, and I sometimes I even cry. I love spending time with Michael and Becca, but mostly being around them I think of you, and wish you were here with watch them ride their bikes or play dress up.... or just to hear them laugh. I miss our talks... and hanging out, you know banking memories. You were a blast, always see the good in everything, I wish I could be more like you were.... I think we all do. We all know you are in a better place, but that doesn't make it any easier for anyone!! Ohhhhh...... well I wrote a poem, but it's at home... I will post it next time... We all miss and love you!! talk to you again soon. Love you with all my heart<3 Tosh

Jan 09, 2012
2 years today
by: your mom

To my dearest Brandie,
Today it has been 2 years since you went home to Jesus. I know your up there looking down on all of us who love you.
I have been able to talk to your kids a couple times in the last month. They are healthy and happy.
They are doing good in school, and I have seen pics. They both are growing so fast.. Becca looks just like you! and Michael caught a really big fish, you would be so proud...
Cameron, Austin and I sent you balloons today. we each sent you 2 purple balloons to let you know that you are still now and forever in our hearts and on our mind... I love and miss you so much!!!
May you rest in peace. Until I see you again..
With all my heart and soul I love you!

Jan 07, 2012
I miss you like crazy...
by: ashley

Some days I find myself looking at your picture, I have not brought myself to delete the last myspace message you sent to me. I never will. I miss you so much and wish I could turn back time. You are like my sister brandie. One I could tell anything to. Laugh and joke around. I miss you so much, the holidays aren't the same without you, and never will be. I know you were called Home to do bigger and better things, but I hate it. I just want you back here. Not just for me, but for Becca and Michael, I want you back here for you mom and brother and grandma. But I know this will never happen. I hear your laugh a lot. I know it sounds funny, but everytime Brittany burps, it sounds like you. RIGHT FROM YOUR BELLY! Gosh I miss you! I love you Brandie, and will have you know, that I did something I said I would NEVER do... I tattooed your name on me. You are so missed! I hope you get the balloons we are sending. <3 you to the moon and back cousin!

Jan 07, 2012
Funnest roommate I've ever had lol
by: Stephanie

I'll never forget the fun times she and I had when we were roommates. I still talk about her and share some of our crazy stories. Miss you Brandie!!! I'm just glad that I've been able to stay in touch with you, Rhonda!

Jan 15, 2011
First year with out you
by: mom

Its been the hardest year of my life, and not seeing your babies is killing me. Brandie, you are missed every second of every day.

Sep 20, 2010
My heart is torn
by: Jaycee Mowdy

I am so sad to hear this. She was my step daughter for a short time but she meant a lot to our family. Our prayers go out to every one.

Sep 11, 2010
8 months
by: Rhonda

Did you see the 8 purple balloons we sent you? Do you hear when I cry out your name? Do you kiss your babies good night? Do you hear all the times we speak your name?

I can't believe we have went 8 months without you! But not one moment have you left my heart and my mind.. I miss you dearly!
Love Mom

Jul 25, 2010
Miss you so
by: Julie Gonzalez

I'm not sure how to start this off but here I go... I have so much grief; i didn't get a chance to say goodbye. I feel so bad because the last time i seen you, we had made plans to get together and you asked me to call the next day and asked that i remembered to and i didn't, i had so much going on i put it on hold thinking "i'll get back with her she will understand" and now look.

I'm so so sorry i did that, i've set up crying thinking what kind of a friend i was not to have made that call, i wish so bad i could go back into time and change it. I miss you so much i miss getting our nails done together and having our talks, I know one day we will see each other again and you will be there with open arms welcoming me home. But until then keep a open spot for me girl, i know you will!!! I love and miss you so much<3

Jul 19, 2010
needing to talk about this
by: rhonda mowdy for msn chat/ facebook for yahoo messenger

Jul 09, 2010
6 months
by: Mom

Today you have been with Jesus 6 months, and I miss you terribly. Your baby Becca just turned 4 and she called me and told me about all the nice gifts she received, she is such a wise little girl. She will be just like you! and Michael told me that he is an artist! and I told him that he was so smart, and he said that there was only one child at his school that was smarter than him.. He is so dang cute, and both of your children have such wonderful manners, very polite.. You would be so proud..

I will get to see them in a couple weeks, and I am so very excited.. its been 5 months, of agony not being able to see them everyday like when you were here. I know that you are watching over them and that brings me much comfort.

Everyday I think about you and I can still here your laugh.. You are the best daughter a mother could ask for.

I will be sending you 6 purple balloons today from the beach.

With all my love to you!
I hope that heaven is as beautiful as you imagined. Please save a spot for me..
Love Mom

Mar 24, 2010
by: Rhonda

I am so flooded with your memories.. When I look at pictures, I can't help but fall apart inside, knowing that this is all I have and there will not be anymore.

I talk to your children and know that the memories they have of you and your love will be all they have, and I just pray that they will continue to remember all the loving times they shared with you.

The bond between a brother and sister. Cameron shares little stories of you two, and I realize just how much his big sister meant to him. I am so grateful that you two had such a wonderful loving relationship.

Your memory will live on forever, You are so loved...

Feb 23, 2010
so sorry
by: Jean

I am so sorry for you. I can't even imagine how I would feel if I lost my daughter. I will pray for you.

Feb 18, 2010
Brandies mom
by: Rhonda

Have you ever been so packed with anxiety that all ya wanna do is cry? That is where I am at right now. I am finding it really hard to breathe.. My anxiety hits right before I have to go to work, and leave my loving girlfriend's side, she has been so comforting through all of this.

I don't know how I even make it to work, I cry all the way there and have a hard time seeing sometimes..

This is a pain that I would not wish on anyone..
God I miss my daughter so much I can't hardly stand it..

All her things are now stored in my garage and her ashes are on my dresser, yet I feel so dang far from her right at this moment.

I love and miss you terribly Brandie...

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