by Pedro
(Leeds. UK)

My wife died in my arms during the night on the 7th of April ,Sudden death cause by pulmonary embolism,she had no medical problems, she was only 42, im 43. I still cant believe she's gone we got married last September, 6 months & half marriage, i loved her so much, i known her since my teens like she was a friend of a friend of mine then i went to live in the uk & didn't see her for nearly 20 years, when we got reunited just after our 40's we saw in each other;s a true proper real soul mate which she didn't when we were teenagers, i always tough she was the one when i first saw her. but Love can be blind when you are young & life take turns as i came to save her from being left single & lonely. We soon realized We were made for each other, our lives had so many things in common, we just felt like everything was so easy talk among many other beautiful things that we found about each other that we didn't knew made us fall in love . She said she was so sorry for not seeing a soul mate in me when she was 18, we had lost an entire life, she had no kids,never been married, same as myself, just a bunch of failed agonizing relationships that leave scars. Our story was fast , short & full of love , romance, traveling .During the year before marriage we traveled both to the UK & Portugal to see each other every 2 months. The marriage was amazing, we lived in Leeds for 6 months happily married then the tragedy, its so unfair, i did thought this is actually the worse thing that can happen to a couple, then the worse part: the body took 3 weeks to get back to Portugal for the funeral due to paperwork/consul. As we approached Portugal with the plane flying low i could see through the window the silver coast beautiful beaches where we spent our honeymoon in september, she was in a coffin probably with the luggage, i brought her to the uk alive & i brought her back dead, i feel like a have been severely punished, my life;s worth nightmare, A BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY ENDS IN TRAGEDY, she was my true soul mate, shame we lost 20 years together in the past & at least 20 years more if she had lived.
RIP BRIGITTE, ALWAYS & FOREVER your husband, i love you for eternity.

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May 19, 2014
Dearest Pedro...
by: Rick

God Bless you, Pedro. God bless you sir. Internet hug. God bless you. - Rick

May 15, 2014
So sorry
by: Anonymous

dear pedro,
i know we are all sick of hearing it ;the "i am so sorry for your loss" , and i understand. my beloved passed away out of the blue 3 weeks ago this saturday at age 44 and oh my ; the way it makes your mind race, the endless thoughts assaulting your brain every waking minute. the crushing pain. the thick blanket of weight that engulfs everything.
but this road is well traveled, every human who has ever lived in this planet will take this trip sooner or later and i am trying to find the comfort in this fact. because it means that we are all connected. that we all matter. that we are not alone. and to compliment this aspect, i also am realizing that it would be sadder still to lose someone and feel nothing...i wish you and everyone on here moments of blessed peace. and tons of strength and courage. and a very strong safety belt to hold us in tight during this perilous roller coaster ride of grief.

May 15, 2014
Sympathy and hope.
by: Lawrence

Dear Pedro,
Welcome to heartbreak hotel, you have joined a group of people who are also devastated at the loss of a dearly loved one.
Your story is so sad; losing Brigitte in an instant is almost impossible to imagine, and being married for such a brief time must be total anguish for you.
You have my heartfelt sympathy as someone who had suffered the loss of a precious wife also in the blink of an eye, one minute talking the next dying.
So I understand so clearly you’re agony and total disbelief that it really has happened, if you are like me you want to awaken from this nightmare, but sadly it’s no dream, it really is true.
How did I cope?
Like you I was totally bereft and didn’t want to spend the rest of my life without her,( we were together for nearly seventy years), and I cried and cried and waited for the pain of losing her to go, but I must tell you seventeen months later I am still heartbroken and lonely and cry if I see anything that reminds me of our wonderful life together, I don’t think it will ever go, nor would I want it to, but I am getting on with my life.
One thing I must stress, you are not being punished, what happened to you is called FATE and we have no control over it, and she obviously knew how much you cherished and loved her, that screams out from your heart-breaking contribution.
If I may make a suggestion to help you get through this terrible time.
Get out of the house, don’t stay in alone and wallow in your grief, go to the local library and read the papers.
Join a social club where you will meet men and women also in pain at losing a loved one
I am doing all these things and much more to help me to cope with my loss, I write books and compose music; I am learning to play bridge which is an extraordinary difficult game.
I am a musician and serenade her every evening as I used to when she was alive.
What I am saying, Pedro is keep your mind busy at all times, it helps to alleviate the overwhelming pain, and needless to say as the weeks and months pass you will finally except she has gone, as we all have to do, and take your first faltering steps to as near a normal life as you can without her..
Get help wherever you can, church, doctor, counselling, family, anything to help you, finally cry, cry and cry, its nature’s way of healing your body and soul.
As one very sad widower to another.
Take care

May 14, 2014
It's similar for me
by: bluebird

I'm sorry your wife died, Pedro. My situation is similar -- my husband died suddenly & unexpectedly one week after our wedding, and we had been together for nearly 13 years. He was only 40 years old.

It's horrible, having our soul mates die. I think it's worse when they die suddenly as ours did -- i'm sure a long illness is horrible too, but the shock of sudden death never dissipates, at least for me. My husband died nearly two years ago, and I still don't believe it. The entire world feels fake to me, feels surreal.
I hope you have some faith to comfort/sustain you.

May 14, 2014
by: Doreen UK

Pedro I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful young wife Brigitte. What a terribly sad tragedy. A beautiful love story that ended too quickly. Life is so unfair to many people. Since I lost my husband 2yrs ago to cancer I have never been touched by so much death and sad stories that are tragic and unbelievably sad and heartbreaking.
You are around the same age as my children and I couldn't bear it if this should happen to any of them. Life is so fragile and short that none of us knows when any more of our loved one's lives will be claimed by the universe. I worry about this all the time having lost my husband I am vulnerable to dying and death. I am having to put a book together for my daughter of all the things she has to do in preparation for my death so she is not left floundering and not knowing what to do. Having to think of death again today has been difficult. My grave plot has been purchased, with my husband in a grave for 2. I have had to file the paperwork so my daughter knows who to contact. Preparing the funeral directors, and the verse for the gravestone all has to be decided so it makes life easier for her. There is so much to organise and leave in preparation it takes away the enjoyment of life. In my part of the UK they are running out of grave plots. Having mine purchased makes life easier for my loved one's having to deal with this aspect of death.. But it has to be done. Who said life is easy? It is complex and painful.
I hope life treats you well and that you have good support as you grieve the loss of Brigitte. May God be close to you and Comfort you.

May 14, 2014
Dear Pedro,
by: Anonymous

What a heartbreaking story - I am so sorry for your loss. My father died suddenly as well, and I understand the shock and suddeness of losing somebody this way. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers -I hope you can find some peace and comfort along the way as you begin to heal. Barb

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