Broken and Suffering with PTSD & Depression

by Glo

I have so many feelings of guilt, failure, crying every day, depressed, hopelessness, confused, missing my boyfriend so much I can't stand it, nightmares that turn into my first relationship in the 80's. Mark and I dated for almost 8 years and a few months ago he started hanging with a school buddy, which is 48 years old. After hanging with him, he started drinking liquor again. His friend is an alcoholic and control freak. This classmate told me I was jealous bc he could talk to Mark and I couldn't. That's crazy in itself. He controlled Mark by buying him liquor. I don't drink or do drugs. Larry hooks him up with a pill head woman and I am just so devastated!! My PTSD from the 80's is intervening. Can you please help? I love Mark so much!! He tells me he loves and misses me but he has never replaced me with another woman. I will not allow the alcohol at my home. People tell me he's just with her because she is supplying drugs. I'm just broken and hopeless!! :( TY!

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Aug 02, 2012
Broken and Suffering with PTSD & Depression
by: Doreen U.K.

Glo Mark is being irresponsible to hang out with people who are a bad influence on him. If Mark really loved you and wanted to be with you. HE WOULD. No one can force another person to do what they don't want to do, unless they are under some sort of manipulation.
Mark needs to make a final break. Otherwise he is not worth fighting for.
What problems you face now will only be intensified later in life unless you are able to resolve the issues around why Mark is behaving badly. You are wise not to allow alcohol and drugs around you or in your home. Stay this way. Don't let anything or anyone change this. Be proud of yourself for making this CHOICE. You should do something Positive by going to see a counsellor for your depression and PTSD. You may just get better and realise that Mark is the wrong person for you. Counselling will allow you the space to talk through your feelings and what is around in your world and you may find that you are dependent on Mark and be able to move forward on your own. What you don't need is someone holding you back from living how you want to or influencing you with alcohol or drugs. If Mark stays around the wrong people he may influence you in time. This may be the beginning of the end. You are a very wise woman. Don't lose this by making the wrong CHOICES. Don't FOCUS on the Love for MARK but on the DISASTER around.
The right CHOICE NOW would be to see a counsellor. Get yourself well first and then tackle the rest. If you were near a FIRE you would RUN away from it. You wouldn't run into it. See this problem in the same way. DANGER. KEEP OUT.

Aug 01, 2012
Please Feel Good
by: Judith in California

Glo, do you want a man who can be controlled like this? You deserve better in life, don't you?!
I'm amazed at why some women settle for less than. You really don't want to have him back not if he can be swayed with liquer and other women. You be strong and move forward. Regain your self respect and find someone worthy of you. And until then be glad to be alone to get to know what you really want and need out of life and work on your PTSD and depression.
There is a saying and it goes like this: I'd rather be alone and feel good than be with Mr. Wrong and feel miserable.
Good luck to you and God bless you.

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