Brother lost and never forgotten

by Robin lee

It's been over a yr since I lost my brother. This is the first site I came across so I will give it a try.
My brother and I growing up were closer than the average siblings. We. Had our own relationship with each other that nobody could understand. When he was in his late teens he starting hanging out with the wrong crowd. He started using drugs and went quickly down hill after that. He lost everything he had and hit rock bottom. Even after all that he was the sweetest boy ever. He than so sobered up for two years. My mother had him move on to help him. One morning she went info his room and she could tell something was wrong. It was a disease he battled for awhile. And now he is my personal angel. I still don't know how tO deal with it. I still wish there was something I could have done. I need help

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Dec 11, 2011
Brothers and Sisters.......
by: TrishJ

I lost my brother and best friend many years ago. I still miss him to this day. My brother had diabetes and as a teenager didn't want any of his friends to know. He partied like a ROCK STAR for 10 years. After his son was born he decided to clean up his act. It was too late. He had already damaged all of his vital organs. His son was 4 years old when he passed. My nephew is now 28 and has no memory of his dad at all.
I was angry with him for many years for not taking better care of himself. You will always miss your brother. I often thought I should've done more for Tom but was so busy with my young family at the time. He made the decisions and there really wasn't anything I could've done to talk him out of it.
Your brother will always be with you. If you try really hard to may be able to see some signs that he is still with you. Look for little things. Did you ever a coincidence. Have you ever felt like you've been somewhere before? Those are the signs. Look for them. He loves you and always will.
Be happy. It's hard work but you can do it.

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