Bruce I miss you so much

by Colleen
(Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa)

Collected Bruce's ashes today. Feeling totally defeated by this thing called grief. Collecting Bruce's ashes put me back to the starting point again. How much pain and sorrow can we take before we become totally worn out?

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Dec 05, 2010
by: Zoe

I had to have johns ashes sent to me
The day they came I remember not being able to breath
I didn't have a grave so this was true physical evidence he was gone

I have however found great comfort in having him with me
I cannot tell you why, I just do

It is different for all how do we get through I don't know
I am not through it but I can tell you it gets different, less frantic

I cannot do this without him
And yet I do, a lot of it has to do with this site
First you write your own pain
Then you find yourself reaching out trying to
Help others like you

We are here
You are not alone
Keep writing we are here

One step one breath one day at a time


Ps. When I unwrapped the box with johns ashes and his
Flag (he was a veteran) I realized that they had packed him
In a charmin box I have always thought that was John
Trying to give me a laugh

Dec 05, 2010


I think you are expecting too much of yourself. This is early grief and more pain than we ever though possible for any single human being to bear.

As you forge ahead down the unwanted/ unexpected road of grief you will find some days o.k. I know that that is hard to believe but they will come. You will find a strength within that you never thought possible.

At first you will have to drag yourself through each maddening moment. You will search high and low for any relief from this grief that is a pain that brings us to our knees over and over.

It is a ride that we all must endure and wallow through. You will find some good days ahead mixed with the bad ones, But for now Know that We Are Here for you to express you emotions and feelings to because we have been there too. It is safe here and you are welcome 24-7.

Dec 05, 2010
Warrior widows the battle of the day
by: Anonymous

I am amazed at the strength that we have within.
Though we feel weak and unable to carry on we do.
It seems impossible doesn't it? I am now wise beyond my years. The worry lines that I now wear with pride shows what I have gone through. Be proud of each day that you conquer. We are not as weak as we think. In manners of the heart, losing the very thing that made us who we are, it takes a great deal of courage to face another day.

I suppose we are widow warriors. Instead of a spear it is the pride that we must carry on. A mask we all wear knowing the only ones privy to our emotions have loved and lost too.

We are a select group with a strength day by day that seems insurmountable. You can do it, you will do it. There is no other direction but forward and even with a few steps backwards you forge ahead. Be proud of your progress and carry your head high. It will be the most difficult battle of our lives, yet we will succeed.

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