Bryan Caloway Nov. 30, 1959 - July 23, 2010

by Donna

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The world is a much sadder place since Bryan has left. He was such an awesome person. I spent the last 26 years (over half of our lives together) thanking God for every day that we spent together. There are no words that can describe the happiness and joy we felt. A few weeks before he left me, he told me that he felt like he had not done anything with his life. I asked him how he could feel like that, everyone who had ever met him was richer in their lives for it. No one ever had anything bad or negative to say about him. He was a truly good person.

I have had people come up to me in the grocery store and offer their condolences even though they said that we did not know them that they just saw us together in there all of the time, and they could tell how much we loved each other and how lost I looked without him.

I wish I could tell him about this and ask him how he could feel that he had not accomplished anything in his life. When people see the kind of love that he had without actually meeting him then I would say that he accomplished the most important thing in life.

He would help anyone with anything if he could. He loved his family above anything else (other than god). We have three wonderful children, three grandchildren, and one on the way. It takes a special person to be a daddy and grandpa. When our kids were little they used to ask us when we are going to get a divorce so they can be like their friends. They would get so mad when we told them that we are NOT getting a divorce so they can be like their friends.

All of the people he worked with throughout his life has said that we were all that he talked about when he was at work. He was so proud of his family. They said that they could tell when I called because his whole face would just light up and he would have this glow. You could just see the love that we had for each other every time that we looked at each other.

We had a paint contracting business for about 5 years and were together 24/7. Everyone who knew us couldn't believe it, we never fought. We respected and loved each other with every fiber of our being. A lot of people were very jealous of us because of our relationship. People are always saying that a marriage is hard work. We always said that if you have to work at it your not with the right person. Or, now that I look at it, maybe we were just so blessed to have found our soulmates in our lifetime and have 26 years together.

We were always looking for some way to make money and be together 24/7 again. Bryan always told me that I was his best friend, and that no matter what happened, as long as I was with him he was happy and content. When financial problems would arise he would tell me that everything would be ok, that god has brought us this far and he's not going drop us now, and that as long as we have each other we can get through anything.

We got screwed monetarily quite a few times because we are so honest. But, Bryan used to tell our kids that he would rather be poor in this life and go to heaven and be rich for eternity. As long as we have each other though we are the richest people on earth.

Bryan Caloway we all miss you terribly and love you more than words can express and hope to see you soon. Until later.....

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Oct 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

I know you two loved each other with a special love most people will never be blessed to have. So, hold on to that blessing, and it will be the strength you need to go on. It's not easy to understand these things.

I lost my mom July 2009 and my sweet brother July 2010. I don't understand, my brother was my strength, the one who helped me pray and encouraged me when our mom passed. He was always there. Then he was gone.

So I pray that God will help us carry this heavy load and reach out to others who need help. God bless you, and remember, we are out here to be a friend to you . That's why we are at this site, the common loss we share, brings us together.

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