by Vera
(united states)

we found a bunny about a month old and he had an injured eye
we treated him but didn't know how far the injury got. he started to get weaker. soon he couldn't even stand. we didn't think we could make it through the night. he did, but before we could take him to the vet on July 12 he died in my arms as I was giving him water. and I hope all his pain and suffering is now gone. but I cannot seem to stop crying all my dreams are plagued with the memories of his death. some one please tell me, will I ever get over it?

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Jul 14, 2012
by: Doreen U.K.

Vera I am sorry for the loss of your Bunny.
It will take time but you will GET OVER IT. When I looked on our lawn. I noticed something I didn't realize till the next morning was a dead bird. I went to pick it up and it moved. I took it to the vet. They couldn't save it. WELL I am an older woman and I broke my heart. I felt the loss of that dead bird like nothing I felt before.
My daughter first brought birds into the house. That was my first experience. Who ended up looking after them. YES YOU GUESSED. ME!!! Well it was the best experience for me. I nursed 2 love birds. Ben was one of them and he went blind in one eye. I saw him struggle to climb the cage. I held him in my hands and talked to him and told him how much I loved him. HE DIED. No pain like it. I cried till I had no tears left. Then one of the cockatiels called BLONDIE died. After this 3 of the birds flew out of our cage. I then knew it was time for them to be given to someone who had an outside and indoor aviary. I kept the birds thinking I would one day have my dream aviary. But my husband (a carpenter) died. I then gave the birds to a better home with an indoor and outdoor aviary. I gave them up for a better life. That was a very painfull sacrifice for me. It was no longer my pleasure that was important. But their happiness in having better living conditions. Often we have to give up what we can't keep to gain what we can't lose. THE JOY AND HAPPINESS OF Handling that pet. The joy of loving and caring for it. Whether we owned this or found it. YOU CARED. You loved that pet enough to hold him in your hands as I did. that was LOVE. That rabbit knew you cared. His suffering is over. You will recover in time. it will get better.

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