Buster, my little boy

by Sonia
(United Kingdom)

Buster came to me seven years ago as a kitten. His owner was going to get rid of him and even though I already had two other cats I stepped in and rescued him. He was a gorgeous, loving cat. He never scratched or bit anyone. He used to crawl up my chest and bury his head under my chin. I used to think this was just 'cupboard love' but he would do it even when he'd just been fed. Everyone who met him commented on his gentle nature. He used to make us laugh at the way he slept, stretched out on his back, like a teenager in bed. Six months ago, we moved house. I fretted for weeks about how the cats would settle in, and whether I should let them out or keep them as house cats. Eventually I took the risk and let them out. They fell in love with their new surroundings, Buster particularly loving the fields and gardens around him. He was the hunter, and rarely a week would go by without him presenting us with a 'gift'. He wasn't too good at actually killing his prey, and we frequently released captured mice and voles back into the field opposite. It was Busters love of hunting that finally led to his death two days ago. Early in the evening, he took himself across the road to the fields. on the way back a car hit him and he was killed instantly. My husband and I heard the impact and went out to check the cars were ok, it was then we found our beloved Buster lying in the road. I am devastated at his loss. No one really understands my grief at losing 'just a cat' but I have never felt this upset at anyones death, even my best friends. We have buried him in the garden he loved so much. I can never replace him, he was one in a million, a cat amongst cats.

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Oct 15, 2011
More Than Just a Cat
by: Geoffrey Campbell

Dear Sonia,
it is clear that Buster was more than just a cat, more than just a companion, sometime a cat comes into the family that has so much love and character that they quite literally become a "soul mate." When this happens, you will know it, and amazingly the cat will know it, often even before you do, and the relationship will be so amazing and gratifying, as to fill a void in our lives that heretofore we never even knew we had. But here is the wondrous thing too, though the grief for their leaving us is too intense for words, we can take comfort that there truly is a loving God, who, will bestow upon His children the gift of once again enjoying their company, though not in this life, but He has promised in Isaiah 66, from verse 23 and onward that He is going to create a new earth in which there will be no more death and sorrow, and best of all, we will once again hold our beloved little "soul mates" once again and the joy that will fill our hearts will exceed the joy we had here where our mortal coil is as a vapor. You are in my prayers and I am deeply moved by your letter, to the point of tears. This site, I believe, will help you greatly as we all have experience great loss, and want to help in anyway those who are suffering grief and the loss of a loved one. Sincerely yours dear Sonya, Geoffrey in Scranton PA, USA

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