Butchie's Battle for All His Loved ones..........

by Lisa Tyrrell
(Scranton,Pa 18508)

It is very difficult to know how to start...I am Lisa( Butchie's, Stanley Anthony Tyrrell's Wife and now Widow). On APRIL 7, 2009 my husband came home from work at 10:30....I was on the couch...told him I had pizza and a cold beer for him... we both fell asleep on couch..At 135am, he woke up calling me frantically... I said I am right here , what's wrong... His left side was numb, no feeling...I reacted immediately.. thinking he has or was having a stroke...got to the hospital....some feeling came back....this night changed our lives and families and close friends lives.... forever.....

After several days of tests....neurosurgeons were called...Moved to new hospital... biopsy done.. grade four inoperable brain tumors.....After that surgery Stan lost all left side again..because of the position of the tumors.....We ended up after 3 weeks going to a rehabilitation facility...My husband was scared numb and so incredibly brave.. we both have always been the best support system in the world to each other..Thru love humor and family......

He fought so hard and I was beside every step..... he walked out of that rehab 21 days later.. His walking was a little unsteady , he had a limp ..but he did it!!!!!!!!!!!!that was middle of May 2009...Then came radiation and chemo... and unbelievable support from family friends co workers....We both were very aware in the middle of this horrible nightmare.. That we have a very blessed life full of so many wonderful caring people.. We named them our Angels on Earth....We both have always believed you get...what you give.................

For the next months we spent time with all these angels when possible .. We were together everyday.. except for 1 hour for groceries and laundry... He watched his sports, read his paper as much as he could... I read my books and made all our meals .. we were together.. we cried, laughed and prayed .. and fought at times like we always did before..there is so much more but some is private...in Nov 2009... while watching TV.... after dinner .. he was sitting in his chair I asked babe are you okay... he just looked at me .. and for the first time, even thru all the short term memory lapses.. he did not know me!!! It lasted only a few minutes. I called a couple of our Angels and ..they were there in 5 minutes.. To the hospital... he was confused but knew me and the angels.....my wonderful kind loving best friend and soul mate was never going to walk again..bed rest, tumors spreading....That night they told me days to a week at most... We prayed, cried and laughed ..doing everything possible to make him comfortable and feel safe and loved...We succeeded in that...He fought and loved us and much as we loved him through the most courageous last 2 months of his life...On 19 January My other half.. put his head on my shoulder while I held his hand.. and took his last breath on Earth...He now is in heaven I believe with my whole heart.. it has been 5 months since that day.. As I sit typing this while babysitting our great nephew who is 3 months old... I am just surviving day by day...But as I write this I am looking at this baby ..the newest addition in our family... I see my Butchie's smile in this precious baby face..............when I do not think I can go on.... I remember what I said to him when he was forgetting things, scared ... I would say... I have your back babe. Always... I would ask if he trusted me... He would say yes, more then anything else in the world... Well I guess he has my back now............Thank you for listening.....Lisa.........(Buthcie's Punks for ever)

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Jul 10, 2010
by: Jenny

My husband died at 41 with melanoma that eventually spread to his brain. What an awful death he had. Flashbacks still haunt me a year and a half on and i often feel so angry. My girls now 14 and 16 keep me going. I love them so much.
Take care. xx

Jul 01, 2010
My lee lee and uncle
by: punks #2

I love you aunt lee lee. your strength amazes me. you truly are the strongest, bravest and most loving and caring person that i know. i am so blessed to have you and to have had uncle staaaaaaaaaanly in my life. i love you and miss you every single minute uncle. brusha, brusha, brusha. i will tell luna belle you said "ruff ruff ruff."

Jun 30, 2010
We are here for you
by: J Grecco

The Grecco's remember and love "King Stanley" (Butchie) and keep him in our prayers daily, and also feel the same about "King Lisa" . If you ever need anything, We are here for you.

Jun 30, 2010
We are here for you
by: J Grecco

Your story has indeed had an impact on all of us. King Stanley(Butchie) is always in our thoughts and prayers, but do not ever forget, so is King Lisa! The Grecco's love you both!

Jun 28, 2010
My Life ( Husband)
by: Marlene


As I read your story I cried. I too lost my husband to a brain tumor 5 months ago. He was my life. We were together 24/7, since we worked together. I often wonder why God left me behind because I should be with Joe. I am truly sorry for your loss and totally understand.

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