by Corinne M.

My pretty girl

My pretty girl

We bought a dog after our very loved labrador passed away. We looked and looked for the perfect dog, and by accident we found Cameo. We called immediately to find out when we could meet her. She was a happy three year old yellow Lab. We brought along Scout, our other dog, and he fell in love with her. While we signed the papers they wouldn't leave each other.

She was such a great dog. Even with all her quirks. She would sit on the coffee table just because we told her not to. She slept on her back and her legs would stick straight up and she always looked like she was smiling. She would carry stuffed animals in her mouth to her kennel where she would curl up next to them.

I loved Cameo more than anything and that's why I feel so guilty about her death. I was going to an amusement park with some friends and i passed by the pantry. I saw the open container and knew I should put a lid on it...Cameo was known for getting into things. BUt I walked passed it and got in the car.

I got home and called for my wonderful dog. Scout came but I didnt hear my baby girl. I thought she was hiding because she got into something. I ran upstairs and called for her. I turned and saw her. Her with that awful thing on her face. "Baby?" I called. She didn't move. Thats when I knew she was gone. I screamed and cried and held her in my arms for hours until I let them take her away from me.

They told me she didn't feel anything because she passed out before she died. That made no difference, for I knew she felt the pain. She didn't want to leave me or my family. I loved that dog more than life itself and I want her back so bad. But I know my baby is in heaven and she can run and play with all the dogs and people she loved so much.

Cameo had a love for children that no one could explain. She would protect and kid with such a passion a mother would be shocked. I find it hard to write about Cameo because there is no way to put my dog into words. It's impossible. Cameo, I love you and I miss you and I am so so sorry I didn't put a lid on the container.

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Nov 24, 2010
Cameo's are special
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear aboout your baby Cameo...I have a dog too and her name is Cameo, a Jack Russell cross it's her Birthday today and she turns 2. I love her so so much and I can't imagine life without her, I know what you're going through as I have lost a pet before Cameo came along, it's not easy just hang in there my thoughts are with you, take care.

Sep 18, 2009
Loving your dog.
by: Oscar P.

Don't feel guilty, because I believe that your dog would not have liked that. Instead focus on the happiness he gave you. I know it's hard, I lost mine four days ago and I am in an intense pain, perhaps that is why I am writing to you, to try to comfort myself. I had to put my lovely dog Tobby to sleep, and I miss him so much. But knowing that I am not alone gives me some strength, and I felt like writing to you. Just think of your dog with happiness, because he came into your life to give you only happiness !

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