Cameron Edward "CammyMan"

by Robin Fitzpatrick
(Plymouth, Ma.)

Cammy Man

Cammy Man

Cammy Man

Cameron,My Son was 19, he was 1 of 4 children, My oldest Son.He was the Light in my eye! Cameron("CammyMan", as I called him.)Passed Away Very unexpectedly on 03/08/13.It was on the News, Media were at my house daily, it was even on GMA. for Cameron's story opened people's eyes to Allergy Awareness!Cameron was a Bryant University College Freshman on the Dean's list, and Truly respected and Loved by Many who knew and didn't know him.He died after eating a few bites of a cookie (that he thought was safe, his Best friend gave to him ) not knowing it was drenched in Nut Oil.Cameron had Severe Nut Allergies, and Asthma.cameron died in front of my husband, myself and our youngest daughter,(at the time we were waiting for the ambulance we were on the phone and trying to use Epipen,which we were told by the paramedics on phone we shouldn't use for it was 2 mos. expired,Cameron was asking Pls. HELP me while he went down from Anaphalaxis Shock.We tried CPR, and when the ambulance did arrive they administered epi Iv.The Doctors and a team of 17 people worked on Cameron for 2 hrs.I was later told by the Head of ER. that he arrived gone but given his age and his appearance ( very fit!) they tried Everything and were on the phones with the hospital literally trying everything to save him.My husband, myself and our oldest daughter were in the Trama room as they worked on him.I can tell you if My Voice Shouting "Stay with me Cameron , Madre Loves You Don't leave me Pls!" could have willed him back, there was NOT a DRY eye in threat Trama room!! I now write to cameron on his FB wall like i used to when he was physically here.I have had Many fundraisers for him to Promote Allergy Awareness. people from Australia, england, and All over write to me and tell me he seemed like such a remarkable young man. He donated Blood Every time he could double doses, he was also an Organ donor.I can't tell you how much this child means to me,I include him in everything we do as if he is still here, and I will continue for he is Forever a part of our family. Santa, and The Easter Bunny ( I also have younger children as you can tell.)Leave things for Cameron along with the others, just now they are things for his Spot (that's what I call his Grave.)As a Mother, who was expecting to watch my son, get married, and become a parent himself one day, I can't put into words the depth of this Sadness.I try and stay Possessive for the other family members, but our family is Forever changed.Cameron was the kind of child who Never judged anyone! He was a friend to everyone!He was Respectful, kind, funny, Smart, Honors student. national Honor society, just the kind of boy you fell in Love with, he was Always Helping others Always! ..."CammyMan, to you I want you to know that I will continue going to spirit guides, and mediums, for it is the only way for me to know for certain that you are not suffering, for what i saw on that awful Friday will forever be a permanent fixture in my mind." I will Always wish that I could turn back time to have you here even if only for a while, and I will Always ask that question Why ? why did you take him, we Need him so Much! Cameron was more than my son he listened and gave me advice many times you'd have thought he was the parent! i miss our talks, cam, and I miss your Smile, and Laugh ! I know you are an Angel watching over us, but I will forever still ask Why?Why did he have to go, it's NOT FAIR!

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Jun 16, 2014
CammyMan, Cameron Edward
by: Cam's mom

I am Cameron's Mom ( Robin) I have read the comments posted, and I feel Awful for All of you who have also Had a Loss in your family. and in answer to your questions, I too have written ALot. and the Mediums and Spiritual people are Honestly the only things that have helped we Met with Maureen and I was so Grateful for her reading to us ( I felt honored she reached out to us!) she actually told me my cameron wasnt letting her sleep he kept saying my Mom needs to know I'm ok,she watched me Suffocate (Anaphalaxis shock) and she needs to know the Angels took me out of my physical body and I watched it from above. sorry I am not trying to Freak anyone out with those Tragic details of that awful day, however i couldn't sleep, eat was wanting to Die trying to figure out why couldn't we SAVE HIM why did he go right in front of us suffering! The mediums ( who at first I wasn't sure what to think,HONESTLY have been my only Saving Grace!! ) If I could go more I would! i now see signs on my own , you Really need to be opened to it, ( at first I didn't understand this but now I do its a Very Slow process. ) I Miss My Son Daily I go in his room touch his things smell them looking for any hint of his Life to be here! Again, I am so Sorry for Everyone's loss, its now a 1 day at a time thing!

Jun 06, 2014
Your son
by: Kate

I'm so sorry,my heart aches for you. Am having a bad day myself. I lost my wonderful son a year and a half ago. So difficult. No understanding with death. Pain and heartbreak accompany me as I try to be strong for my others still here. Very hard. I don't know how we do it. By The Lord ....not us

Jun 04, 2014
by: Michelle

I too am sorry. Why... I asked that same question 1000 times I know. Our daughter was 22. My whole world gone.
I dove into reading after her death. Books written by mediums. I work from home and days I turn off all sound trying to hear her, see her, feel her. You mention you will continue to see mediums. If I may ask, how has your experience been?
I was in up state new York this past weekend and my sister in law and I decided to have our palm read. She went first. Shortly into the session the reader looked at her, held up her hand and said stop. There's been a tragedy, not with you, with her. Her being me. I did not end up going in. Megan and I were sooo close. Life has become a chore. It takes all I have to exist.

Jun 04, 2014
CammyMan, Cameron Edward
by: Anonymous

Such a Sad story! such a devestating loss to All involved. So sorry.

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