can i die of a broken heart?

by stacey iribe elias
(anaheim ca)

beautiful till the end

beautiful till the end

i have 3 sisters and 2 brothers, we were known as the "elias's" everywhere we went ppl knew us because we are such a big family.. having sisters is one of the best things god can give us siblings are a blessing. theres always your "favorite" or your " closest" sibling, mine was my older sis , Carolina Arlene Elias and she was beautiful inside and out, she shined and had a personality that no one could forget, pile often described us , me being the "pretty" one , jess"the bossy one" cecilia"the little one" and carolina" beautiful/sweetest person" and she was...she really was. my mother kept us trap all our lives..she never let us go out with friends, she never trusted us going out so when i turned 17 i became rebellious ..carol was the only one who still cared for me she told me she loved me and always spoiled me. as we were growing up it was always her and I we were the best of friends anyone can ever have i love her so much..tho she slipped away once she turned 19 ..she moved out and started partying all the time..she told me stores and i was so mad at her because i felt as if she a banned me.. by the time i turned 18 i became pregnant, my mom and rest of siblings didn't want to look at my face and disowned me. carol was the only one who supported me and was so excited i felt ok about having my baby. one night we found out she had been in an accident and killed ..she was small so she was sitting on someones lap the driver was drunk and ran into an electric pole ..why did my sister out of all 7 people in the car have to die? why her she was an angel and those people were not her friend it makes me sick that they used her and influenced her to death. she wasn't like that she was so responsible and the sweetest person someone can meet.. i miss her every day she died oct.29.2011... and on that day was the worst day of my life. my baby was born 3 months after her death .. i look at him ..he's now my only reason to live..litterly. i can't stop crying my family is so broken i feel like i need to be with her because we were together everywhere.. i don't know what to almost 3 am and i can't stop thinking of her..people seem so happy everywhere i go.i feel lost..i feel like i need to be with her weather heaven is real or not..i know my baby needs me.. but i can't even explain how dramatic this situation husband docent even know how to comfort me anymore..forever friends always sisters...i can't imagine life without her..

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Mar 22, 2013
dreams and signs
by: alittlepigeontoldme

please dont be sad, the love with always live

Jul 20, 2012
Also heartbroken
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am so sorry for your loss. Like yourself I found myself heartbroken from losing a loved one. My 4 year old nephew succumbed to a terrible illness. My heart and soul were shattered into a million pieces. However, time, more than anything made me realize that even though I was shaken badly, you can slowly begin to heal your broken heart. I thought I would die the day that I saw this sweet little boy embark on his journey to heaven...but here I am, almost 2 years later. It might sound cliche, but "you will get used to it". I recommend you read the book "Comfort: A a journey through grief" by Ann Hood. Like the books says, the "firsts" without the one you love will be the hardest...after will have already experienced what it's like to be without your lived one on
holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Jun 06, 2012
I am so Sorry
by: carol,seans mom

Hello. My name is Carol. I lost my 24 year old son November 15,2011. He died suddenly after going to sleep. My heartbreak is absolutely brutal. I have often wondered if you could die from the heart break I feel. I am so sorry for the loss of your sister. I have two daughters who are very close and they struggle a great deal with the loss of their only brother. Every day I still can not believe it. Stay strong for your baby. Make her proud. Be the best mom you can be. I try to believe they are watching us and can feel our pain. Let her know you are going to be a great mom. I wish you luck and peace.

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