by Emily Eclipse

I'm 18yrs old and I lost my Mother (58) against the battle of lung cancer.
She passed on Thursday 5, 2012 at 9:11pm.

The night we got the call my Dad (59) knocked on my door, but I could already hear him sniffling as he said, "We lost her, we lost Mom".. I walked over to Dad and held him as we both cried...

The day before, the family (whom all was able to be there) stayed with her and showed all our love to her, but at that point, she could no longer speak, or look around.. It was so heartbreaking to see her laying in the bed, her breathing labored and slow..

Now I'm becomming worried sick for my Dad and how he'll cope with the loss of his dear and loving wife..

I'm having trouble dealing with the loss, even thought she's fought for over a year, much longer then the doctors gave her.. I dont feel the energy to do anything..

I love you Mom

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Feb 10, 2012
Thank You
by: Emily Eclipse

Your words mean a lot to me, and your right.
I believe time is the only thing that will help heal the wounds and I must try to remember her when she was at her best.
My father and I are becomming closer now, and he's begining to shed light on his past. It seems I have a half brother I never knew about as well! he explained that he hasn't seen him in over 30 years and wants to see him again very badly because he said he wasn't a father, that he was mean and didnt care at the time wants to make up for lost time...
He also has grandchildren, nieces and nephews I will soon be able to meet..

Thank you all for your kind words..

Feb 10, 2012
i know
by: sarah

I know how you feel. I know people say this, but it will get easier with time. You have to remember your mother in the best way possible.

Feb 09, 2012
Emily, you are a strong young soul
by: Anonymous

Try to be true to yourself. Your father will take care of himself and hopefully you too. To be eighteen and to have had to lose your mom at such a young age, I am so sorry. I hope that your dad and you have a good working relationship. I hope that you talk daily about your mom, yourselves, your hopes and your dreams. Talking, is the greatest healer. Don't let fear, doubt, and silence come in and cripple you, or your dad. Keep strong, do whatever you need to do, to make it through, as long as it is honorable to the memory of your mom. Act is if she is watching you and watching over you every moment of every day, because in her own sweet, gentle way, she is - and she would want nothing but the best for you and the chosen love of her life (your dad). Take care! Go out and enjoy life! because that it what she would want for you!

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