Cannelle: My Fiery Redhead

by Anne
(Toronto ON, Canada)

My name is Anne. I am a woman with a disability who has enjoyed the company of 4 furry babies (cats) since 1992.

I decided to get purebred cats, as I wanted to know what I was getting despite living on a not so high income. However, I managed to find a breeder that was reputable and reasonable.

With 2 furries already at home, you would think that would have been enough but I had gotten those as adults. I decided to get a kitten.

Being that I lived in Toronto and my breeder didn't, we met at a local cat show where she brought the most beautiful red tabby exotic longhair kitten. She was red with blond and faint tabby markings with spots of white as well around her mouth and under her fluffy fox like tail with eyes the colour of a new penny.

What a sight and in the end by a fluke she would not grow to be an average sized cat but that didn't matter. Little Miss Dynamite lived the longest of all my babies (to the ripe old age of 16yrs and 8 months).

I am of French Acadian descent and I know a lot of people with redhaired cats call them Cinnamon or Ginger and so that's how I came up with the name, see, Cannelle is French for Cinnamon. She was skittish around strangers, but once she got to know you she would warm up to you.

I had often heard that cats were lactose intolerant and such but Cannelle was the exception to the rule. Cheese, Cream Cheese, Ice Cream and especially yogourt. She was nuts about yogourt!

She lived and peacefully coexisted with my 2 other cats (well, my boy Teddy did give her a hard time sometimes but generally, all was peaceful in the animal kingdom! Besides, she soon let it be known that she was not going to take anything esp. from a male! I am little but I'm loud!)

She was a diva sometimes though. She was beautiful and knew it. If I asked her to move, she'd look at me as if to ask, "Why? I was here first!" She was sweet and never gave the vet or his assistants a hard time.

She was just so sweet and then gradually, she began to slow down and not be able to jump on the bed anymore or on the windowsill. She developed cataracts. However, she never became mean or nasty. Her eating had declined slowly as did other things. I do not have the financial means to have a myriad of tests done. Not because I didn't want to but I just couldn't.

I was soon convinced after the last months that I would have to say goodbye to not only the baby of the family but also the sole survivor of my cat family.

So on Thursday May 13th, I phoned the vet office but my regular vet (whom I wanted to do the procedure as that was her vet all of her life) was booked solid on Friday and Saturdays, he's not in. So I elected, hesitantly, to wait until Monday the 17th. However, that was not meant to be. I realized Saturday afternoon that she probably wouldn't make it to Monday.

So I stayed with her and made her a little spot on my couch. Yet,she didn't make a fuss (brave right until the end!) I haven't left the house in 3 days. I wanted to be there when the time came. At roughly 8:25 am Sunday May 16th, my beautiful, redheaded baby passed away with mama at her side.

I have never felt a loss so profound, compounded with the fact as I stated earlier that she was the last of my family of cats. Even though she was not noisy, the apartment seems so much quieter as for the first time in 18 yrs, I am alone. However, I am grateful for the friends that have been supportive and that my prayers for a painless transition were answered.

I am also grateful for this site and thank you for the opportunity to share my story with you all. Courage and Blessings my friends, and to those experiencing the loss of a beloved pet, my deepest condolences.

Anne from Toronto Ontario Canada

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May 17, 2010
Beautiful Cannelle
by: Yvonne

Dear Anne,

I hope that in time the pain of your loss weakens. We never forget our loved fur-babies. With time the memories grow stronger and I hope that you find comfort in those memories. She was a very beautiful girl and I know that she was loved very much. I believe that she is over the rainbow bridge and is happy and healthy. May you find peace and know that she loved her momma.

Take care my friend.


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