Cant get over parents death

I recently turned 17, When I was 15 I lost my dad. One of the greatest people I have ever met who taught me so much life experience and gave me so many great memories, At the end of 2012 my dad came to me and told me about the cancer he was fighting that he hid from me for a few months not knowing how to tell me. I didn't think it was possible, I held to my hopes thinking he would get through this, He was the strongest person besides my mother I've ever met. Every day I visited him in hospital hours on end, I held to my hopes I prayed and prayed every day, Hiding my emotions from everyone just hoping he would make it through. Dec 2012, The first christmas and new year not being able to see him in hospital is something I'll never forget, Shortly after new year my dad was moved to a hospital two hours away from me, I wanted to organize a visit with him instantly but was int allowed due to the fact of my dad not wanting me to see him in such shape. One week later I tried calling that night once again the nurses wouldn't let me talk to him, Saying he was asleep. I told them to give him the usual message I always sent, that I love him. 10 minutes later I got the call. The call that I never though possible and feared since being a child. Lucky enough I had my mother to comfort me, She recently losing her mum knew how I felt and became even closer then we already were. A few months later I was barely getting by, Hiding my emotions and bottling them inside that was until my mum had to get rushed in for Heart surgery. One she was int supposed to make it out of but she did only to catch countless infections and pass. I sat in her room with her while they turned off the life machines. I'm not sure if its something I regret. And hear I am now, First Christmas, new year, birthday and everything without them. I cry daily and only survive by hiding and distracting myself with silly objects and games. The moment I don't distract myself the moment I'm overwhelmed by memories and break down. I'm beginning to forget the sound of their voices and all I want so desperately is to get hugged one last time.

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May 30, 2014
Can't get over my parents death.
by: Doreen UK

I am sorry for your loss of your both parents. Mom and Dad. You are so young to have to cope with the loss of both people who nurtured you to become the young man you are now.
You are using games to block out your pain. You should try and see a grief counsellor for support and to help carry some of this grief pain you are in right now. Who is caring for you now? You still need the support of a responsible adult and to help you with guidance at the most difficult age, trying to find your way in life.
It is normal to forget what your loved one's voice sounded like, or what they looked like, or anything relative to your life with them. This happens during grief. It should pass in time and you will get those sense's and emotions back of life with them.
If you don't know God, then try and get acquainted with HIM as He is all we have in life from the beginning of our lives till the end of life. He is our Comforter, our Saviour, our Friend who will never leave us or forsake us. I got through life with God. I am sorry for your loss and I hope that you will write back and let us know what measures have been put in place for your care and support whilst you are grieving the loss of both your parents.

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