Can't overcome my ex...

I was only 24 when I broke up with my 3 years younger ex boyfriend.
He meant so much for me, but I felt at that time, that we are living apart.
He would come home late/early in the morning, getting changed and then to work.
We wouldn't do much together anymore. He'd more with someone who tried to win my heart but stole my boyfriend.

I then after about 2 years said it's over, he shall move out.
He did.
I meet someone else and then realized how much my ex meant to me and that he is the only one I wanted.
I told him that, but he never wanted me back. We were very young, I hoped with time he'll change his mind, but he didn't.
I couldn't live any longer in the same city, meant the same country. I moved continents away, to just forget him.
Now almost 15 years later, he still breaks my heart, he would show up in my dreams or my thoughts.. I really tried to get over him.
I got married, have 2 children, but still he makes his way back into my head.

I need help. I like to move on, since there seem to be no going back.

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Oct 17, 2014
can't overcome my ex
by: lerato

Hey sister you have to move on as your ex did. At the end you will destroy your own family. Pray and ask God to help you overcome. But again tell your self its over.

Oct 16, 2014
Can't overcome my ex.......
by: Doreen UK

I think a person can do almost anything they put their minds to. You say you can't get your EX out of your mind? even 15yrs. later. IF YOU FOCUS on what you have in your life now and make every effort to make your present husband and children happy you will end up being happy yourself. You must be thinking of your EX too much which is why you can't get him out of your head.
Remind yourself that you told him to go. He went. He didn't want you back. He has made no effort in those 15yrs. to contact you. You must be a very unhappy person to not put all your energies into your husband and children.
How do you think your husband would feel if he knew that all your thoughts are going towards your EX. He wouldn't want to be with you. You would then get a reality check of what your EX felt when you told him to go. If you don't wake up and do something about this like going to see a counselor you are going to end up being a LOSER. You will lose your present husband and your children would live in a broken family. Do they deserve this? You couldn't be mature enough if you are in this situation.
I made up my mind to put all my energies into my family. I lived for them totally. I put their needs as top priority. This is what made me happy. This is why I can't understand anyone who has a husband and children would jeopardize their lives and happiness. In many ways you are neglecting them by thinking of your EX. It is CHEATING on your husband. What role model would you be for your children? You need to give yourself some SELF TALK e.g. Look in the mirror and tell yourself for at least 5 minutes every day. " I am going to focus on my husband and children and I won't let any man distract me to cause me to let my family down." If you tell yourself this often enough it will sink in and you will be re-programming yourself to do the right thing.
My husband and I were married 44yrs. He died of cancer 2yrs.5 months ago. I cared for him for those 3yrs. of the cancer journey and I loved him enough to lift a heavy man using all the strength and love I had. I couldn't consider anything else than loving the man I married. I hope that you can find it in your heart to love your husband in a way that he knows it. And that you put all your energies into raising your children. There is no room for selfishness and being self centered when you have a family. I hope you do the right thing and stand by your man/family.

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