Cant Sleep Cant eat

by Hurt

I met my girlfriend 4 years ago she was dating a man that was married with one child (now he has 2)We started dating and she broke off the relationship with him (they also work together). With in the first six months of our relationship I knew it wasnt going to work, she had a really bad temper loved to scream and slam doors.I asked Kay (not her real name) to leave and told her it wasent working out, she told me she would leave the next day, well that night she tried taking her own life.I went to hospital every day to see her and they put her on head meds, we spent the following years getting along great, we moved into a house and bought a dog.We got along real well, and were talking about getting married, and then I started to notice she was acting differnt and distant.I asked her what was wrong, and she told me she just isnt happy anymore and that she was leaving me.Well it turns out that she was leaving me to get back with the still married co worker.I tried telling her he wont leave his wife because he dosent make enough money to pay child support, she insisted that he would leave this time.Now Im heart is broken I cant sleep, cant eat and I just want this pain to go away, this all happened a week ago she never talked to me about being upset and never told me that she started talking to this co worker again.She moved out the day after she told me, and stuck me with all bills from this new house.What kind of person dosent talk to you about things and then gets up one morning and leaves after four years?

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