Can't tell the full story right now, just venting

All I'll say as far as my story at this time is that I've had five deaths and my mom diagnosed with leukemia in only four months.

What I need to say right now is that I can't get moving. I'm overextended with school and work and I've had to break promises and commitments. I know it's normal but I'm concerned that people will finally get fed up with me. I'm in a depression and barely able to to function or take care of myself. I'm enduring it and getting through one day at a time but I want this to end already so that I can get "back to life."

That's all for now.

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Mar 21, 2014
I understand
by: Grieving for many

Dear Friend, I am so pleased after all your losses
you have been able to write about your grief. This, and connecting with this web page is good.

Please dont trouble yourself with how others react to your grief. True friends will understand and be there for you. So please dont
fret yourself about those who turn away.

I lost my mum, but like you it came at a time
when there were so many losses. Our home had been gambled away and those in the family who
could have supported me had passed.

Please take each hour at a time and take
the path you feel comfortable with. Whether it
is a church, counselling service or confiding
in a friend.

Do what you feel comfortable with
do not letter others who have not experienced
your grief, dictate to you how to cope. You
will found your own path.

My mum grieved for my younger sibling before she
passed. I found myself for many months just
crying for them both. There are no set rules.
Be gentle with yourself and pace yourself. You
are adjusting to so many changes.

Mar 21, 2014
Can't tell the full story right now, just venting
by: Doreen UK

I am sorry for all the 5 losses you have sustained. Whilst it is good to be in work and this could be a good distraction, it become a heavy burden whilst grieving. If you are able to juggle things around and have some "ME TIME" for yourself you could benefit from seeing a grief counsellor who would definitely help you by carrying some of the load whilst you work out some of the individual losses so they don't all become compiled leaving you feeling a heavy burden of grief to bear. It is good to VENT so the you are not in overload.
I let things pile up for the first 40yrs. of my life. I didn't know what else to do. I read self help books and then there came a time I went into counselling. I Healed in ways that has helped me become a happier person and in control of my life. I cope better and my life has changed for the better. Had I not done this grief work I would not have coped with the death of my husband of 44yrs. 22 months ago from cancer. It is helpful to have a good support structure in place. Don't focus on getting back to normal. FOCUS on one day at a time also building yourself up which is a good foundation for healing from grief. There are no short cuts. Talking is good therapy. However this comes. Professionally, or having the right friends or family members who can listen to you and support you in your sorrow and grief. I look forward to hearing from you again and be able to offer you better support. Till then take care of yourself and May God reach down and help lift the heavy burdens you are carrying right now.

Mar 21, 2014
The Lord is my strength
by: Anonymous

Can't tell the full story right now just venting. Listen I know your pain, because I too walk that pain. I lost my husband to CANCER as a matter a fact it was Leukemia cancer in the blood. On 3-8-14 was the 2 yr. mark for me, so I do know what your feeling. You mentioned 5 deaths, but who ever they are just let you know they don't want you to go down this path of depression. I know what that is like too, I've been there, and was there while my husband went through a depression of his own, when he lost his mother in 2008 of a heart attack, and his good brother Jimmie of a heart attack as well in 2006. Today 3-20-14 my uncle passed away from CANCER to and also Leukemia, and cancer in the blood, my cousins now 3 grown men have not only lost their father to this ugly disease, but they also lost their mother 10 or 12 yrs. ago to a tumor in her brain. What did it to uncle Manuel today was a stroke, while at home, so not only did that happen, but Chemo along with the CANCER of Leukemia did it to uncle Manual. The boys, well now grown men are now parent less, and I always say we only have our parents once, and make the best of it. I hope in some way you can fine Peace, Faith, Hope in all of this turmoil that you are going through. My prayers go out to you, because this so call pain grief, doesn't go in one day, one month, one yr, heck 2 yrs. or 5 or 10 we never remain the same, but you have to look within yourself, and fine strength to ask the Father, Son, and the Holy spirit within you to give you strength, courage, hope, and Faith to continue your journey. I hope you don't let your depression get the best of you. I really pray for you to just pray, and ask GOD to give you strength to get out of this depression. May the Lord give you strength through out your grieving, and depression. Depression is no joke, please get some counseling or start talking with people or a group session of people who are grieving, because you need that right now, most of all please as the Lord Almighty to come into your heart, and ask him to help you with all of what you are going through, and your feelings and emotions, very important. Trust me he hears you, and listens to you. The Lord is my strength.

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