Champion PrettyPlease-Morgan

by dorothy

My beloved pointer, Morgan passed on February 6, 2012. She developed
mass and it took over. She became bloated and could no longer eat.
The decision to end her suffering was painful. She was nine years old. She was the sweetest,most loving pet ever. I have her brother with me, and he continues to look for her, which breaks my heart.
My pets got me through a difficult year. My beloved uncle passed
December 15 and then my sister who I loved more than life on December 24th. My pets loved me through all of that.
I can see her running and chasing her brother through the field and pointing birds. This is again difficult and I am wondering when the grief will end.

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Mar 13, 2012
wishing to take your hurt away :)
by: Anonymous

Those of us who have lost a beloved pet can understand your pain. Added with the loss of your human loved ones, I cannot imagine the heaviness of your heart! I am currently grieving the loss of my sweet furry little girl (it's been 1 mo. and here I sit crying my eyes out) and am feeling like the pain will never leave. But having been through the loss of two wonderful pets before, I know indeed the pain eventually will leave and when you are thinking of them a smile will come instead of the tears. Know that you did the right thing for your dear friend. You took care of him and gave as much unconditional love as he gave you. I just happened on a book at the library the other day and thought it was wonderful. a must read for anyone who has a pet, or has lost one. the title is Going Home, author last name Katz. please try to find it, it will not take the hurt away but it will give you some perspective. Please take care of yourself and know people really do care about your pain.

Feb 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

I totally understand. My little dachshund Francesca keeps looking for her brother Porkchop, a precious long-haired dachshund who I had to have put down on February 22,2012.Lord help us both to deal with the grief.I will pray for you.

Feb 25, 2012
I am so sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

On Dec 15, 2010 I had to let go of OSCAR. He has my first and only dog. He was 11 years old. This is the first time that I have allowed myself to talk about him. I keep a picture of him as a puppy on my fridge, and my neighbour and best friend (male) just doesn't get why I keep the picture there. I also keep a number of pictures of him on my cell phone. I have two cats, but they do not and could never take the place of OSCAR. OSCAR saved the life of one of them. Jewels, when she was younger, got caught between the floor board and the door of the bathroom door and I could not pull her out. OSCAR knocked me to the ground and he gently put her head in his mouth and gently glided her head across the floor until she was free. I could not believe it. She looks crazy even today but she is okay. Another time I had a seizure when I was coming into the house and he jumped over me and ran circles outside in the front yard barking until he captured someone attention, he was a big dog, but this lady, got the courage to come into the house, the front door was open and she saw that I was in trouble, she came in and called for an ambulance. The next day, she stopped by with a big steak for OSCAR and flowers for me. We still continue to be friends even though OSCAR is gone. Thank you for talking about Morgan - it has given me the courage to talk about my best pet friend OSCAR...I have an adopted friend neighbour's dog but there will never be a dog that can take the place of my OSCAR...he saw me through thick and thin...and he loved me unconditional. Nancy

Feb 25, 2012
My God Be With You
by: Matilda martin

I recently lost Hudeany my Goffin cockatoo on Valentines day. Hudeany been having arthritis problems since I first got him from my ex-boyfriend few years ago. It wasn't that bad during other winters. Usually during the mid spring when things starting warming up and summer before he was well or more himself. Right up until when we starting getting a lot of steady days of wet, rainy days in September before my bird's problem acted up. But since fall he started getting cribbled up and stumping his one foot little more then he usually done. Few days before February 14Th I was faced with making the hardest decision, something that I've never had to do before in my life. Once more I've never loved any animal or any person that much the way I loved my Hudeany. So it really hurt to have to see him go that way. It will be two weeks Tuesday since I last brushed his sweat little head few times, whispered to him that everything is going to be alright and I said my last good-bye. It hurt like crazy. I've never cry so hard and for so long. There were days I had to force my self to get out of my bed and go to school. I'm currently a student. I to had questions. I to wonder when will the hurt end. Will my pain ever become less intense. Writing this to you hurts.I have cried less and lesser as the days goes by. I still done nothing with Hudeany's cage. His food and water is just as was before my bird left it. His favorite blanket is hanging over the both sides of the cage. The window that he use to loved looking out while at his food dish or even to watch other birds outside feeding from off the ground has the curtain closed. I don't know when I'll ever be ready to do anything with the cage. One of my friends suggest that I should get an other parrot. I told that friend no, because nothing could ever replace Hudeany. He was a unique fellow.

Today he's buried in a special place in my flower garden. With small, flat rocks surrounding his grave so that I wouldn't touch that area of the flower bed. I made a wooden cross until I can get him a prettier cross with red flowers all over it on pay day and I planted a tulip bulb and placed it by the beautiful plastic bouquet by the cross. I often visit his resting place just so I feel can feel closer to him. May God comfort!

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