by Janie Hopkins
(Chowchilla, CA )

Chance was 3 years old,the only surviving kitten in a litter of 4.

He was pretty much feral, not being around anyone but me. He rubbed against my legs, and liked to walk between them, like it was safe.

Recently he developed an abscess above his ear. It had been there well over a week, and was growing. It became severely infected, and although I kept trying to keep it open to drain, it would heal over and swell up again.
I was concerned about serious infection and harm it might do.

I took him to the vet, where they agreed it should be seen. They sedated him and took him to surgery. I got a call a short time later saying surgery had gone well, but as they removed the gas, he went into cardiac arrest and died.
To say I feel guilty is an understatement.

Now I am questioning everything. If I had been there would he have been less stressed and maybe this would have been prevented? Whether I should have even taken him in at all, that it would have cleared up on it's own, whether the vet was over his head in dealing with a feral cat, and whether he could have just sent me home with antibiotics, whether there were underlying health issues we did not know about that would have made him unsuitable for surgery.

I thought I was doing the right thing. I don't feel like that now.

He was a good cat.

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Sep 10, 2010
so so sad.
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel and its tough. many stories on here are about animals that have had many years happiness with their owners but like me you probably are sad that a treasured pet was taken early and that i find is extremely hard. My cat who was my best friend died at the age of 2, me and my partner bought our first house and the day we got the keys was the day we picked up our new kittens, their new home was also our new home and that for us was special.

My cat was my best friend and he became ill and went downhill fast and we had to have him put to sleep, i am still (2 weeks later) very gutted and sad and like you have many questions such as the "whys?" and "what ifs", it's so sad when u lose a pet but a young age makes it that bit harder to swallow. I'm trying to think of the good things and the happy memories of which there were thousands in his short life. I hope you can get past the questions and cherish the memories you have and like me, start feeling that little bit more better even if its just a little. GOD BLESS THEM BOTH.

Mar 08, 2010
by: John J Koons

That is so tough. It's been four days now and I keep looking for things that I could have done differently; that the vets could have done differently, as if assigning blame might help me make sense out of my Darcey's death.

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