by Charity Conner
(Nashville, TN, USA)

Start off by saying my life has been many ups and downs.. Given to my grandparents at 2 weeks old.. My real parents drugs and trying to take me back. Oh and who could forget my grandparents children resenting me.. (I was taking away their golden years)

Now, I grew up never did drugs or acochol. College graduate. Married had 3 beautiful children. Loved my parents (Grandparents but to me it was Mom and Dad) Life was going normal to say I was always black sheep in my family...

Till the day I got the call my (Dad) was dieing I needed to rush to say goodbye. Well, needless to say I didn't make it only hour away I got the call he had passed away. His children told me not to come to hospital they would let me know when funeral was and details. (In the mean time they had viewing without me)But, was told to come to funeral after fact.. Went and I was shunned. Came down to naming children and grandchildren I was never named.I was never mentioned in the Obituary.. Ripped my heart apart.

Went years without talking to family trying to go on with my life.. (Mom) moved close with her Daughter and I help take care of her and she stayed her many times.. While still raising 3 small kids... She had been in and out of hospital and sick. Went onto Hospice. None of her other children came and did anything just me and her daughter...

Got the call one morning (Mom) died. rushed over help my Aunt with picking out (Mom) clothes and funeral arrangments and writing of obituary. Noone came Here small viewing here.. But, oddly something was strange my Aunt took Funeral Director off and spoke to him in private.. At the time I just blew it off... My Aunt told me she didn't need at funeral in Florida for Burial. I was like ok? Then I got the call asking why wasn't my name in the (Mom) Obituary. Once again, I was left out like I never existed and shunned from the family...

Well, year went by.. My real father who I tried to help out many times was in and out of my life... He battled Depression and Drug and Drinking. I couldn't have that around my children. I stopped talking to him.

Till the dreaded Morning my Real Brother who was raised by Our real parents called.. My real father had commited sucicide... My heart sank.. My brother lived in Cali.. I was only one here. I had to do all funeral arrangments and Idetify his body and clean out his apartment all in 2 day time...Images and Pain I'll never forget. As I was struggling with pain and trying to stay strong and do what any child has to do for their parent, I had grief over me.. Those same Brothers and Sister who shunned me was down my neck on decisions I made for my father..I refused to have open casket trying to spare his one sister who came from image I have to bare. Instead of understanding. I got guilt also same (Aunt) who shunned me my (Grandparents- Mom and Dad) Obituary was upset cause I was only gonna put My brother and I and my fathers grandchildren in his obituary.. I am not evil like that so, to spare their pain I put them all in his obituary..

Reason for my story is.. I have lost all 3 of my parents and guilt, grief, pain... I never won't anyone to go through this much pain..

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Jul 05, 2012
by: Doreen U.K.

Dear Charity, I am sorry for the loss of the 3 people who were special in your life.
Families can give us the biggest heartache. There is jealousy, anger, greed, injustice, anxiety. And so it goes on. We are all in this human race together and the pain you are in is the same as all of us face with grief and loss of a loved one. don't feel alone. Families are fractured. It takes a death to take place before the ripples appear. Causing division, and hatred amongst family member that shouldn't exist. But because we live in a fallen world full of sin and unrighteousness. We face such troubles. I hope that you will be able to work through your grief and will be well supported in your battle with grief and loss.

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