by silver

I wrote this poem in 2002.I married the love of my life in 1978 but it still took some time in the marriage before I felt safe again.There are good men out there but as abuse survivors we are often afraid to try again.Counseling helped me a lot.We were blessed to have 33 yrs together.He taught our sons to never hit a woman unless he was defending his or his family's life.He abhorred child abuse.I miss him.May you find someone like him.
There I was
An innocent child,
'Till he came along
And made me wild.

A wild one,you say.
You can not see it.
It's there deep inside,
Inside of me.

He killed her,
That child innocence.
He killed inside her
All of that sense.

No more love.
No more care and trust.
Only hate and anger
Filled up her breast.

What to do
With this hurting child?
Can she be reached,
Or always wild?

She's in pain,
That anyone can see.
She's hurting inside.
Unsure is she.

She needs love.
She needs someone's care.
She needs to trust again.
A love to share.

The pain's so great.
Is there any hope?
How can she go on?
How can she cope?

Yes,there's hope!
She can be free again.
She can find a love,
To be happy.

She was lost.
All alone was she.
Then you came along.
Now happy is she.

She loved again.
She learned trust once more.
Now life's worth living.
Hate's out the door.

Love's alive,
So take my advice...
Keep hope and trust here
For all of her life.

Love came in
To settle the score.
Nothing is stronger

Safe is she.
The wild child is gone.
Child of hope is back.
Love brought her home.

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