Children's sympathy gifts


So a good friend has recently become bereaved. You have expressed your sympathy to them and lent support and help as best you can. But where are their children? Probably alone in their bedrooms, crying.  Kids are often the "forgotten mourners" in a household stricken by a tragic death. Why? There are a few possible reasons:

  • Their needs are honestly overlooked in the emotional turmoil.
  • Adults think that by not confronting the issue head-on, they somehow shield children from the pain (does not work).
  • Many adults think children don't understand death, and therefore aren't affected as deeply by it. They don't know how to deal with it, so they just leave the kids alone.

Children need as much comfort and support in times of bereavement as adults do. For more information on how to talk with children about death and how best to help them grieve, refer to our page:  Help The Kids.

If you would like to provide a comforting sympathy gift for grieving children, we have found these quality supportive items you might want to consider, presented below.

  • Cuddly Teddy Bears
  • Hope Jewelry
  • Comfort Baskets

             CUDDLY TEDDY  

Childrens Sympathy Gifts

Bear Hug

Bear Hug

Send this adorable little bear with enchanting flowers to send comfort and love to a grieving child. Larkspur and Roses arrive in a glass vase hugged by a cuddly teddy. Approximately 7'' W x 14'' H as shown. $39.95


            HOPE JEWELRY  

Children's sympathy gifts

A piece of jewelry can provide a bit of security and comfort to grieving girls and boys, and will last forever as a personal reminder of their lost loved one.


           memorialized charm                

        Missing You Charm           Affirmation Charm                             




        Angel Catcher Child's Sympathy Basket




Angel Catcher Journal & Angel Seeds




                  Chill & Spill Kit


          In My Heart Unisex Bracelet

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