Chiquita Banana and Nubbs, my beautiful bunnies

by Donna
(Roseville, CA)

Having grown up on a farm, I have been in love with animals my entire life (now 46 yrs old). Ten years ago, bought two short haired rex bunnies from a neighbor kid for $10. Two turned into 12...24; only kept a few that I fell in love with, ok 7: Mamma, Joe Daddy, Miss Perry, Keith, Mick, Chiquita Banana and Nubbs. The last two were my favorites who were paired together.

They had their own house, with four door bunny only sized holes, so they could go in and out at will; with their own personal fridge full of fresh tasty greens; fresh running water going to their own bowl(system I put together myself using a drip system); limited diet of only the best pellets, as much timothy hey as they could eat all enclosed in their own very large, secure and safe backyard. It had lots of shade with free space for running and happy hopping, with an apricot tree (they love the leaves!) Every day I turned on misters that I had strategically placed for their comfort and happiness; put out frozen ice jugs for them to lay against if it got too warm. Their house was heated with heat lamps that were just high enough away keep them warm and not reachable. It was secured with chicken wire safety net all around as their house was full of hey for sleeping. I cleaned their "bunny palace" (as my friends called it) every single day. Their happiness always my priority and it gave me great pleasure to see them happy, free, safe and living in the outdoors without living in the outdoors ya know?

Chiquita and Nubbs were the last to go, both passed in my arms; Chiquita just before x-mas 2013 and Nubbs in April 2014.

All of my beloved are buried here next to one another with a personal headstone/plaque I made and one or more ceramic bunny figure. I loved them all so very much; they were the center of my life for 10 years and I can't get through a day without missing them terribly.

Chiquita and Nubbs were so very special to me. Mamma, was a short haired gray rex. Joe Daddy was a medium haired fawn rex. Chiquita was my first fawn short haired rex. When I met him for the first time, I knew that was it, he was the one I was waiting for before getting them all fixed.

Chiquita always was getting hurt. They were paired up and separated, but sometimes they would dig into each others area and I had to get them out ASAP because they viciously fight male to male, female to female. Chiquita was a sweet innocent soul. Because he was usually the loser in a bunny battle, we spent more time together because he visited the vet more than any of the others. I don't cage or use carriers; I always carried him in my arms at all times (I think it scares them to put them in a carrier).

I would put him and Nubbs together in a large cage next my bed at night while he recuperated. He was so very very soft and beautiful. Chiquita would look at me with his beautiful big brown eyes which said many things to me like "who are you lady....why do you do all of this for us? I am your favorite, I know. I do have a name, it is not Beautiful Boy! How do you know what it is that I want or need? How is it when I really want an apricot leaf you just know and get me one? How? How do you know...your not a bunny, I don't think you are anyway. This place is great! Thank you for being so good to me...I love you too".

Nubbs I saved from her mother (Miss Perry) when she was born. I caught Miss Perry after she had given birth to her first litter. She already had killed one baby, and found Nubbs with barley alive and missing an ear. I separated Miss Perry from her other babies and brought Nubbs inside. She was a little bigger than a bick lighter. I laid on the couch on my back and put her up against my neck on my chest under my chin to warm her back up. She recovered never thinking she was any different from the two eared bunnies. She always wanted kick Miss Perry's butt though. She was the sweetest bunny ever. Whenever I held her or pet her, she would lick my finger quite a few times to say she trusts, appreciates and loves me too. She outlive them all.

I will always love them all, but pray that I see my Chiquita and Nubbs again one day.

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