Chloe and Layla: A Love Story

by Bobbie Jo
(New Hampshire)

I have had the good fortune to love and be loved by two wonderful Yorkshire Terriers. They were both very different but both were my best friends and true companions.
Chloe was my first and I had her for 16 years. She was diagnosed with renal kidney failure & I was advised to put her down but just could not do it. She lasted about two weeks. Refusing food I tried to feed her with a syringe. I know I should have let her go but I just couldn't. She died at home, in her sleep. I was broken hearted & I never really got over it. It took me six years to get my little Layla. What a happy day. She stole my heart and I was so happy I could not figure out why it took me so long to find another friend. I just knew that I would have a long happy life with her. It was not to be. She was just shy of her 4th birthday when I noticed her being a little clumsy. This went on for a week & so I made a vet appointment. The day I made the appointment she was fine & he was seeing her the next day. The next day she ran into a wall & she was blind in one eye. I took her in & he did blood work, glaucoma tests etc. Nothing showed up in the tests. He thought it may have been cushings. As soon as we got her home from the vets she started tilting her head & circling. So back to the vets. Neurological we thought but without an MRI we could not be sure. Very expensive so my vet suggested putting her on Predasone which is the course of treatment anyway. Four days later no change, no better, no worse. I was going crazy with worry & researching the internet. We finally took her for the MRI. We live in the middle of nowhere so we had to drive 3 hours. She did not do well the first hour of the trip but I managed to calm her down. But this place was the best, 3 neurologists on staff and we would find out that day. When the results came back we were in shock. She had "Necrotizing Menengoencephalitis". The doctor said it was fatal. She had so many lesions on her brain it was amazing she wasn't seizing. My husband and I decided to let her go. She wasn't in pain yet but she would be. I have been beating myself up because I was suppose to protect her. According to the experts I did the right thing but it does not make me feel any better. I waited so long for Layla and I only had 4 years and I get angry. So many tears and heartache & I miss her so badly. I was there with her and it killed me. I know it will get better but I also know it never totally goes away.
It is a genetic disease that has a quick onset so as soon as I saw the first sign I took her in. Such a terrible disease for such a beautiful little dog & I question why.
I sympathize with all who have lost a dear friend & reading the letters helps me to know I am not alone. I hope my letter helps someone also.
There is a quote on this site by "Freud" I loved. So true. Peace to my "Little Lion".

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Mar 01, 2014
RIP yorkie pups!
by: imsomony

Bobbie Jo, I'm so sorry you had to experience both the loss of your lifelong companion Chloe and your too-young Layla. I don't know that I can offer any better words of comfort and/or advice than Doreen or Diane, but I wanted to let you know that another person is here and shares your pain of loss. I've lost my own little boy, but also, both my mother and grandmother raised Yorkies throughout my life. They hold a special place in my heart and I know just how strong the bond is between "mommy" and "daughter".

You did protect Layla, please know that. I know it was a heart-wrenching decision to euthanize, but you protected her from further pain, discomfort, and ultimately an unhappy remaining life. You couldn't predict or influence the disease, so you did what you could to make sure that she wouldn't suffer. When we can't actually remove the bad, sometimes the best we can do is just to ensure that the bad won't become worse.

You did so much to make both Layla and Chloe comfortable and at-ease in their final days and moments, and please know that wherever our furbabies are now, that love you shared with them is still there. It's bigger and higher than the grief of losing them, and in time, once you feel more healed, will influence you to share it with another special Yorkie.

*hugs* and best wishes to you!

Feb 12, 2014
Beautiful Chloe and Layla
by: Diane

I truly think God saw what a wonderful job you did with your first little girl, and gave you one that he knew would need your love.What she had has to be so rare, please don't be afraid of one day honoring both of their memories by allowing another little soul into your heart.There was nothing you could do except to love her and that is the greatest gift of all.I had a Yorkie too, Stanley, so I know how special they can be.When he died I became a cat person and know from my 50 years of experience that losing these sweet babies is almost more then we can bear.But somehow we go on without them,until another little one wiggles their way into our heart.Their souls are at the Rainbow Bridge now, waiting for our glorious reunion, but they'll stay alive forever in our hearts.It takes a long time to remember them with smiles instead of tears, but your heart will heal with the help of others who understand your pain and share it with you.May God bless you for going through this pain because you loved so much, may he grant you strength to overcome this heartache. RIP beautiful Chloe and Layla!

Feb 12, 2014
Chloe and Layla: A Love Story
by: Doreen UK

Bobby Jo I am sorry for your loss of your two beautiful Yorkshire Terriers. OH! how broken we feel when we lose our pets.
I lost a love bird due to blindness and he died in my hands. That was a very painful time of my life. My first loss was of Blondie a yellow and white cockatiel. I hurt so bad I thought I would never recover. I have since lost my husband to cancer and all my birds have gone since I couldn't keep them in a cage anymore. I am happy they are in a better environment where they have the space to fly and develop. But I will miss them FOREVER.
I am trying to hold everything now in my life LOOSELY. Knowing I will one day lose them. You should keep a doggie journal and write about your experience with each pouch and you will have these memories as treasures forever. In time you will be able to give love to another dog. Don't deny yourself this pleasure and Love in your life. See this as a GIFT to love a dog and give and receive LOVE. it depends on FOCUS. WE will recover in time. FOCUS on your dog not suffering anymore. Often it is the unselfish GIVING that will also allow us to GIVE THEM UP if they are not well enough to enjoy LIFE. The cycle of life comes and it goes. It is how we lived and what we did with our lives that counts. You had 2 precious dogs that you loved. Fill your life with new and good memories that will help you to Heal from your loss.

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