chloe liegh boyne (18/7/96 - 2/10/10)

by gary-john boyne

Dear Chloe,
I can't believe your gone. I promised you that you were going to get better when you were in pain and started crying in that hospital bed saying" I don't wanna die daddy ". I made a promise I cound'nt keep am so sorry hunni but you know daddy loves you. Its hard for daddy to sleep at night knowing your not in the room next door but then I remember your still here in my heart and everywhere.I'm so proud of you Chloe . You were very strong baby I love you and miss you soon much. You've had your life taken away. For 2 years you were traveling from hospital to hospital. You were a brave,beautiful, talented,angle on earth and I hope you are much more in heaven. You don't need to worry about that dance and singing thingymbob you started Joanna is finishing it for you hunni, she misses you very much as well as your mum , Mathew and the rest of the family sweetie we all love and miss you more than words can describe. You already have the voice of an angle so keep singing in heaven, when i hear birds singing ,when I look up at the sky at night and she a shooting star, when the flowers bloom , when a rainbow comes out I'll think of you because those magical things are like the magic you brought to us in life. Now just remember daddy and mum loves you loads x o x o x o

Chloe died at the age off 14 by being hit by a speeding car, she suffered for two year with serious injuries until she coundnt take no more.

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Feb 01, 2012
i miss u chlo
by: mathew cutter

I miss you loads Chloe I keep visiting your grave but its just not the same without here with us, I keep remembering all the stuff we did together like when, me,you,Joanna,mickeal,Jordan,Adam,James,Davis,Jamie,Chrissy,peter,Ben,callum,Liam,john, Joshua, ,jack,Robert,Stephan,Ollie,Brandon, James Benjamin Samuel George Joseph , Shannon,missi,Carly,Louise,katty,kayliegh,abbi,Courtney,Jess,jade, Grace Emily Ruby Olivia Sophie Lily Jessica Chloe Summer Megan Hannah Ava Ella Katie Ellie Charlotte Mia Lucy Amelia Evie, all went to the cinimas before do u remember that day it was awsum lmaooo, but yeah all of us miss u lodes we want you back Chloe babe but tbh I think this has hit Joanna mostly, she says she is alright but u can just see it in her eyes that she just wants to cry and I can tell she is faking that smile and laffter she puts on everyday she loves and misses u like hell she just wants her best friend and sister back, I love you chlo bow sleep tight sweet dreams baby xoxoxoxoxoxoxo and I'm sorry to here about your son all my respect sent to you and your family xxx

Dec 05, 2011
I know how you feel.
by: karen

Sorry for you beautiful daughters loss,i to lost my beautiful son Josh this year 17/08/2011 he was also 14 so i know exactly how you feel. They say it gets better it doesnt we think of him all day every minute of the day.The worst thing is we dont know he died still waiting on the Corenors report.I kiss his photo every nigh and every morning wondering why my son its so hard every day i wonder how i can ever go on.He left his dad me of corce and his 16yr old brother.His brother hasnt been able to go back to school ,cant face anyone.We dont go anywhere anymore just stay home thinking of him every day,We miss and love him so much.Ihope things get better for you but they havnt for us love to your family Karen.Ilive in Hobart Tasmania Australia

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