Christopher Allen Willard 2-8-74 to 03-01-10

by Rita
(Indianapolis, in)

Your life started out normal and nice didn't it. You were the cutest little boy and older than your years, my only child. You were sensitive, honest, diplomatic and a peace keeper of sorts. I was always so proud of everything you did school, work, my 2 grandbabies and your battle with cancer. When you called me to come be with you because it wasn't swollen glands was crushing.

Then six months later remission wahoo. Then you started again great job, found a wife, had a baby and promotion on to AZ. Gosh things were great now, another baby on the way but wait... a bump and you knew, you called me and told me we were having a scare, a biopsy to check to make sure it is not there.

So we drove and came down to sit with our grandbaby while you guys went to the hospital to see. And then again it was back 5 years later and the next step they said was a stem cell transplant. You were able to be there for the next babies birth. The chemo this time was 10 times worst, you were in the hospital and then back out and in again and worn out. And we thought Chemo was bad we had no idea what was to come; the stem cell transplant and recovery was hard to see if I had a hard time seeing you I can not even imagine what you went through.

But being the man that you were you took it in stride and moved on. back to work and trying to be the husband and father you wanted to be. Damn if it didn't happen again 6 months later a bump and again you knew. Once again you stood tall and again they said transplant again. Finally we got you home and thought all was going to be good. Wasn't to be; your body reject the donor this time.

You again took it in stride and ready yourself for the fight to come. Who would have thought that they would then say you were not going to be here to see your kids grow. you my son are the most amazing man I have ever known. The lives you touched while here will continue for many many years.

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Oct 29, 2010
My son my baby
by: Rita

You had my heart with your first breath. The bond we shared as mother and son was so strong it was as though we were one. When you were happy and successful i felt the same and proud to be your mother. Then the darkest time came cancer and pain. As you suffered and were in pain my insides shred and i felt your pain. No not the physical pain i have no idea mentally though i suffered too. It is still too hard, a part of me went dark. The light i had in my heart is now a flicker barely lit. I miss you son, nothing is left.

Sep 24, 2010
Your beloved Christopher
by: Shirley

My sweet son just passed away from cancer on 8/9/10. He was 23 years old. I know how hard they fight. I was at his side the entire time as his mom, his cheerleader, his advocate and his nurse. My heart breaks every time I read about a parent losing their child to cancer. How do we move on?

Sep 14, 2010
so sorry
by: kay

Dear Rita
I am so sorry for the loss of your brave and wonderful son...I feel so much pain for you...and his little ones also his wife. I know the pain you have ..for I too have lost my only May this year. I am sending you my love and healing....It feels like a part of yourself is forever missing....I don't know when the pain will ever end heart aches each and every day as I'm sure your does. Just know you are in my thoughts xxxxxxxxand you are not alone.

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