by Antoinette Manning
(Sydney, Australia)

I lost Cindy on the 21 June 2012. Its 6 weeks now and Im still grieving for her. She was 12 years old and since June 2011 she has been ill. She developed a sneeze that continued for some time and then the bleeding began. She bled from the nose, first it was slight but it continued for months where it became worse and the vet said it may have been an allergy. In September we had to go overseas and didnt want to leave her alone with my son who works and returns home around 5pm. So we took her to the specialist at Homebush who prescribed her some antibiotics but said the chances are slim. Leaving Cindy alone for 2 weeks at home alone as we had to leave overseas was very difficult. We never expected to see her when we returned. But, she was strong and we were happy to see her when we returned.
In the meantime months passed and we noticed her bleeding was not too bad but she was developing a small bulge between her eyes (more towards her nose). The vet said she had a tumor and an aggresive one. It was very hard to see her suffer as she couldnt breathe through her nose but learnt to breathe from her mouth which made her mouth dry and she would constantly drink lots of water.

She had a good appetite and barked when someone answered the door etc but I could see she was not going to get better. I watched her over the months struggling to make the hardest decision and finally I had to decide as I noticed the protrusion between her eyes was getting bigger and she was getting weaker with the struggle of breathing from the mouth. She loved siting in the front verandah where it was sunny, even though it was cold. So I used to cover her with blankets and a cushion for her head.

On June 21 (Thursday) my husband and son took her to the vets to be put to sleep. I felt the world was coming to an end. I had to go somewhere, so I went to the shops, tried to drink a coffee but couldnt drink it as I heard the news from my husband that Cindy is now resting.

I have never felt this way even when my relative passed away. I grieved for my dad when he passed away but I think this is worse. I feel guilt, anger and sadness. I have my other dog Abbey (2 years old) with me and she is a great comfort but no dog can replace my dear beloved Cindy. She was everything to me.

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Aug 07, 2012
by: Dee U.K.

Antoinette I am sorry for your loss of your dog Cindy. Your sadness and grief is more for Cindy then any other death you say. I think is because you had a special bond with Cindy that she touched your life in a special way. I had pets that did this and I know that the bond and love is different and like no other that I have ever known.
thank you for sharing your story. I hope that the days ahead for you will be easier and your grief not be so consuming.

Aug 07, 2012
I am so sorry for the loss of your Cindy
by: Marilyn

I know what you are going through. I lost my doggie Grace on July 19, 2012. She was 4 1/2 years old. She got into a fight with my other dog and the vet needed to be put her under anesthesia to get cleaned up. The vet said she'll be o.k., we'll call you when we're done. I didn't get to hug her only tell her that I loved her and pray that God would heal her. Unfortunately, she died under anesthesia, and I've been devastated and heartbroken. She was so precious to me. She left this earth too early and suddenly. I, like you, have never felt a pain so unbearable and I am still crying every day for her. Grace will be forever in my heart. Cindy, will be in your hear forever too. I pray that they're both in heaven having a wonderful time. I have Chica and although Chica came to my life before Grace, Grace was so extra special. My deepest condolensences for the loss of your beloved Cindy.

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