Clayton "CHUNK" Richison Age- 26 years old

by Brenda Richison
(Bowie, Tx. U.S.)

Chunk was my middle child. I had 3 boys all 3 yrs. and a few months apart. Chunk got his name in grammar school because he was on the chubby side. As he grew, so did his weight. But his heart was big as he was. He never met a stranger. At his funeral the whole town showed up! There was standing room only in the church. People was even outside the church, too.

Chunk always had a smile on his face. I used to tease him that he smiled in his sleep, too. Laughter was what he was made up of. He always laughed, even when no one else was. But one bullet put a stop to that laughter, from a 9mm. pistol. Was it suicide? That's what these cops here say. Murder? That's what all that knew him say. And deep down where only a Mother can feel, I say someone murdered my son! Who? I have my idea. If it was by his hand, then it was caused by someone.

He has 2 small girls that he loved dearly. Why then, was he found dead on his front porch? Lord give me strength! He was the boy who was green-eyed, dark complected, dark brown hair, like me. The other two boys are blue-eyed, blonde-headed, and light complected like their Dad. He was my sunshine! When I was down he lifted me up. He was one in a million! He was my boy!

I cursed God every day for a while for taking him. But like my youngest son told me "Mom, you do have 2 more kids that need you." That did snap me out of it for awhile. So, why am I writing to you all on this website?

I guess that I'm grieving still, after 6 long years. The anniversary of his death is next month and it's fresh to me as if it was yesterday. I go to a group and talk about my problems 4 days a week. And maybe, with hope, I'll be able to lead a normal life, till it's my time to walk through the pearly white gates! I only hope he is standing there to take my hand and greet me...

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Jul 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Ryan will always be the love of my life. sabrina

Jan 25, 2011
Clayton "Chunk" Richison
by: Brenda Richison

I want to thank this website and all the people who have helped me with my own grief. If it weren't for ya'll I'd probably have killed my own self by now. But, I am alive and well in the same town as my son was. I still visit his grave, but not nearly as much. I still put different angels on it when I do go out there. Yes, I still cry, but not all the time like before. And yes, he'll always be with me in my memories. That's where I keep him now. In my heart and in good memories. I still attend a group meeting 3 days a wk. to talk about my problems, but far as grief goes, I've managed to get through it best I can. I was stuck in 2 stages, just going in circles till I found this group and all you people out there. I thought I was the only one hurting, till I found this website. Thank ya'll so very much!! God bless!! And yes, I see his 2 girls still. I finally was able to hug my daughter-in-law for the first time! I'll pray for all of you!

Sep 13, 2010
26 Years Was Not Long Enough
by: Charlotte Tyler

Dear Brenda,

Your story about Clayton really touched my heart. It sounds like he was a very wonderful person.

We have so much in common. I had three daughters who were three years apart in age. I lost my youngest daughter last June at the age of 26. She was so sweet. She was a born again Christian and walked in His light. I still have trouble understanding why He would take her, and not me.

Your life will never be the same without your loving son. He owned a piece of your heart. We just need to be glad that He lent them to us, and enjoy our children and grandchildren who are still with us.

My prayers are with you. I hope Clayton's babies are adapting.

Feel free to write to me and we can pray for each other.

God Bless,

Jun 13, 2010
its not that easy...
by: Hope

Its not that easy to snap out of it. Especially when your son was the center of your world. Those awful thoughts roll around your head like poison. Your heart tells you that he wouldn't have ended his life and you can't find closure or peace to continue on with your life without him. So you want to know the truth; it's so scary, the unknown. I tried to find police reports, talk to people who where there; the paramedics, anything to put the facts together.

You need to face your demons or walk away with the sweet memories that you had. I mean no harm or pain, I too struggle with my husband's last moments. HH

Jun 13, 2010
I feel your pain
by: Pamela Teter

I read what you have wrote. I can feel the pain you share. My son Ryan was shot 2 years ago by my brother that is in jail now. He was my only child i should said he was a man, he was 30 years old and i cry every day i get up for his lost of life and wishing i could have been a better mom.

I was beating my self up and losing my mind over not being able to say all the things i never said or the thing that i did said. I WAS 15 YEARS OLD WHEN I HAD him, i was too young to have a child so me myself wasn't that great of a mom till he got older, was a great grandmother.

But one day i woke up knowing i could not live like this, no more beating myself and mind up anymore. I broke down worst then i ever had then, i ask god to forgive me and my son to forgive me for all my mistakes that i have made as a mom. And ask god to let me live again because i have lost everything when i said everything i mean everything. My house, my cars, my son, my grandkids, that is when my son died i gave up all together.

But god lifted something from me that day and each day is getting better for me, i still cry but its a different cry. i will always love my only child Ryan Keith Schuman, but i know now he is in a much better place and one day i will be with him. I hope one day you well have peace in your heart.

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