Feather Your Nest

Comfort grief  pillows…  for those sleepless  nights

You need a comfortable nesting spot in which to do your griefwork. Although you may be dealing fairly well with your bereavement, you may find some difficult times at night, when you crawl into bed. You watch an old movie on TV, then tackle a nice boring novel to get to sleep.

But then, the old grief demons lurk in the shadows, don't they? I'm so sorry, we don't really have a cure for that; sadly, you must work it through yourself. But we do advocate comfort. Make your nest as soft and comforting as possible. Perhaps one of the items below might might be just the thing to provide much needed comfort and help you get to sleep at night...

Comfort grief pillows

  • A memorial grief pillow- have a photo of your loved one transferred to a nice soft pillow.
  • Memory Foam Topper-- Once you have slept on this stuff once, you will never go back!

Prestige 17x17 Color Photo Pillow
Prestige Small Color Photo Pillow

Capture your favorite memories with a BlanketWorx photo pillow. Offered in several fabrics including woven cotton, fleece and satin, these quality pillow gifts are sure to impress and comfort. Our personalized pillows are woven in amazing detail using 100% cotton and dye sublimated on fleece and satin. Send or email a photo and order your picture pillow now!

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Okay, so memory foam is obviously not a "comfort grief  pillow". But this stuff has made such a profound difference in my life, honestly, I wanted to share it with you. You spend about one third of your life in bed. You reach for all the creature comforts in the world for the other two thirds, so why not pay attention to your comfort while you sleep?

When you first lay down on memory foam  (if it's good quality) you feel like you're lying on a piece of plywood.

After about 15 minutes though, you start to realize that your body is seeping down into the material until it is perfectly supported at all spots. There are no stress points, where one part of your body receives more friction/pressure than another. "Memory foam" is kind of a misnomer. It doesn't really remember the contours of your body.  It molds to your shape every time you lay down, in any position.

If you're interested, make sure and get fairly dense memory foam. The ones you see at Walmart are too spongy; not dense enough. Click on the "Memory foam" link above for more information. These folks put out a pretty decent product.

If you have the money...

Invest in a complete Tempur-Pedic system, with thick memory foam mattress (not a topper) and up-and-down controls. We do not receive any compensation for this endorsement, this advice is from personal experience  :<)

16" Square MicroFleece Photo Pillow

Large 16" x 16" photo pillow is made from luxurious microfleece material. Dye Sublimation printed so image never fades.

Machine washable cover and insert

24" X 16" MicroFleece Photo Pillow

Each pillow contains a hypoallergenic 100% polyester pillow insert. Sham and insert are both included.

Rectangular pillow has a 4" microfleece border on the sides and 2" on top and bottom surrounding a 15.5" x 12" photo (perfect for your favorite 4x6 photo).

Personalized Pillow Case Personalized Pillow Case

Huge 20" x 30"Personalized Pillow Case has a satiny feel for added comfort. Print a photo of your loved on across one entire side.

Comfort Zone Neck Roll Comfort Zone Neck Roll

You will no longer suffer from a tight and achy neck with your Comfort zone neck pillow. Neck rolls for sleep are often recommended by chiropractors and massage professionals.

Filled with natural, hypo-allergenic non-compressable buckwheat hull, it provides adjustable support to your head and neck, allowing muscles to relax and release stress and tension. Buckwheat hulls allow air to circulate so your neck pillow stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow

Sleep Innovations Embrace memory foam body pillow measures an oversized 20 x 54 x 6 inches. Why pay up to $200 for the leading memory foam brand body pillow? The Sleep Innovations Embrace body pillow provides luxurious comfort without a hefty price tag.
Exclusive comfy micro-cushion core delivers gentle, contoured support, and greater airflow. Includes removable and washable plush pillow top cover and bonus soft feel pillowcase.

Wrap yourself around all the comfort and support you need for a deep, restful night's sleep with the embrace memory foam body pillow. How did you ever do without one?

Family Comfort Pillows

Stephen's Pillows

One family who lost their teenaged son Stephen made comforting pillows out of his sweatshirts. They cut off the sleeves and sewed the bottom and arm openings shut, using the neck hole as an opening for stuffing. Each family member stuffed his own pillow half-way and then wrote a letter to Stephen.

They shared their letters with each other, then folded them into very small squares and placed them in the center of their pillow. They then filled them up, and then the neck was sewn shut. As part of the ritual, they shared stories about Stephen. Each used his own pillow for comfort however they wished.

"A pillow for thee will I bring,
Stuffed with down of angel's wing."

~Richard Crashaw



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