Comfort in Words

by Judith

I am sharing this with you in hopes it brings some comfort to your otherwise broken hearts.

We sit beneath the night sky
By the whisper of windsong
In the quiet darkness,
And they are never far,
Those we have loved and cherished,
Those who have changed our lives
In some profound or small way
They are closer than we know
Because it is their light
That shines on our world
It is the brilliance of their souls
That makes our night sky glow.
A star in heaven shines on just for you.

It's been 9 months for me on this singular journey and each day finds me stronger but still heartbroken by my loss of Chuck. HE was my world and I still love him and miss "US" terribly.

I make sure I go someplace at least 3 or 4 times a week. I care for my 4 cats and that keeps me busy feeding them 3 times a day, I walk two on a leash. Facebook provides me with friends to keep up with that I lost touch with but all of that doesn't take away the loneliness at times. Time is our only friend while moving down this road.

I pray that God will bring me purpose again... maybe that is in trying to make all of you feel better. Who knows?

Take care of yourselves.

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Jun 18, 2011
by: CB

That was just beautiful. I am feeling down this weekend. There is nothing special about it. I am just missing my daughter who I lost over a year ago. Sometime it seems that it will never get easier. I did adopt to kittens. I call them my therapy cats. Thank you for sharing.

Jun 13, 2011
comfort in words
by: Anonymous

Helping others helps us heal. I know that most of us are trying to find our nitch in this world.
It is so very hard having been part of another then having it wrenched away. I do not know what grief will be like in 2 years 5 years I only Hope that Paul becomes a warm fond memory that I do not put on a pedestal. He was not superman just a man My Man and I still miss him. I do know that if nothing else grief forces us to become more self sufficient. As far as the loneliness I have not figured out what to do with that exactly. Our old set of friends are not a good fit anymore and you cannot beg for playmates to help pass the time. They seem to sense the desperation, or is it our imagination? I try to make the best of it alone. I need new friends and when it is right, I shall let my new life take over the old one.

This is all new to me, Divorce is different it is the death of a marriage and is sad, But that was a choice and this was not. Hopefully we end up wiser if nothing else never taking another day for granted.

Jun 13, 2011
by: TrishJ

I love these words. They are very comforting. I look at my two adult children and I see in them all the wisdom their father left them with. He was a very smart man. Sometimes his mouth got him in trouble but he was very honest and positive. A lot of time people don't like to hear the truth about themselves. He was brutally honest with me. He was so upbeat and positive right up until his last day. He looked at me and told me he was dying. It's up to us to carry on for them. They would want us to be strong.
God's blessing to you. I just got my own apartment and I'm looking for a little kitty to adopt. I love cats. They are so wise and loving.....just like our husbands huh?

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